09.14.13 — Walking on Water

Walking on water float design by Leonardo da Vinci, late 15th century


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Puzzle by Jeff Chen / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Where a lot of dough gets thrown around, PIZZA JOINT; 11. See 51-Across, WIFE; 15. Fuel for a warp drive engine on “Star Trek”, ANTIMATTER; 16. Resignation exclamation, ALAS; 17. Sleep aid, for some, WHITE NOISE; 18. BMW of Not America and others: Abbr., LLCS; 19. Zip around a field?, NIL; 20. Makes happen, SEES TO; 21. Assistant played by Bruce Lee, KATO; 22. Wanting for nothing, SET; 24. “Celebrity Jeopardy!’ show, briefly, SNL; 2. Took revenge on, GOT; 26. Took revenge on, GOT; 33. Get by force of will?, INHERIT; 37. Punk’s cousin, NEW WAVE; 38. Info about a person’s education and work history, BIODATA; 39. Smooths, GREASES; 40. Follows a military order, ATTACKS;41. Their habits give them away, SISTERS; 42. Follows a military rider, RETREATS; 44. Time of long  journées, ETE; 45. Lets go through, OKS; 46. Brief albums, in brief, EPS; 48. Needing hand cream, maybe, RAW; 51. With 11-Across, biblical woman who met a bad end, LOT’S; 53. STEP ON; 56. “That gives me an idea …”, SAY; 58. First spaceman’s first name, YURI; 59. Setting for “The Misfits”, RENO NEVADA; 61. Polo competitor, IZOD; 62. “My bad”, I SCREWED UP; 63. Musical production, NOTE; 64. Symbols of sharpness, STEEL TRAPS.

The Sodom and Gomorrah motif from the Nuremberg Chronicle by Hartmann Schedel, 1493.
Note Lot's wife, already transformed into a salt pillar, in the center.

Down — 1. One with promotional potential; 2. “IN HIS Steps” (Christian best seller); 3. “10” is inscribed on it, Z TILE; 4. Temple imperfection, ZIT; 5. Subject of the 2012 book “Circle of Treason”, AMES; 6. Porter created by Burroughs, JANE; 7. Winnebago relatives, OTOES; 8. “Incorrect”, IT ISN’T; 9. Babes in the woods?, NESTLINGS; 10. Smartphone preceded by the Pre, TREO; 11. Do the impossible, metaphorically, WALK ON WATER; 12. Anxious, ILL AT EASE; 13. It’s never wrong, FACT;14. Standard breakup creation, ESSO; 23. Temptation for Luke Skywalker, THE DARK SIDE; 25. Follow the sun?, GO WEST; 27. Sniffs out, TRACES; 28. First capital of the Last Frontier, SITKA; 30. Like some fogs, EERIE; 31. Ham’s handoff, OVER; 32. Name associated with a mobster or a monster, NESS; 33. Skyscraper component, I BAR; 34. Brief period of darkness?, NITE; 35. Eager, HOT TO TROT; 36. Event with unmarked choices, TASTE TEST; 43. Trial lawyer who wrote “O.J.: The Last Word”, SPENCE; 47. Basidium-borne body, SPORER; 49. Adjective on taco truck menus, ASADA; 50. Crumple, WAD UP; 51. “Can’t Believe Your LYIN’” (1988 Neil Young song); 52. Drink said to have originated on Lesbos, OUZO; 53. Titles for distinguished Indians, SRIS; 54. Main character in “The Paper Chase,” e.g., ONE-L; 55. Cousin on a congo eel, NEWT; 57. Blabbers, YAPS; 60. See, in Santiago, VER.


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