09.21.13 — In a Word

Marie Antoinette de Lorraine-Hasbourgand Her Children
by Élisabeth-Louise Vigée-Le Brun (1787)
Versailles, Musée national du Château et des Trianons
The Queen is shown wearing a dress trimmed with Alençon lace.


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Puzzle by Tim Croce / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. They aren’t straight, LIARS; 6. “Aarrghh!”, BLAST IT; 13. Shove off, UNDOCK; 15. Lures, COME-ONS; 16. “Oo la la!” jeans, informally, SASSONS; 18. Preceder of John Sebastian at Woodstock, SANTANA; 19. Scott Joplin’s “The Entertainer” and others, TWO-STEPS; 21. Chain, FETTER; 22. Heralds, FORETELLS; 24. Produces lush sounds?, SLURS; 25. Heavily populated areas, informally, URBS; 26. They adhere to brains, PIA MATERS; 28. Temple inits., LDS; 29. Lieutenant colonel’s charge, BATTALION; 30. Students with outstanding character?, LETTERMEN; 31. See 48-Across, CONCERTOS; 32. Its arms are not solid, SEA; 35. Difficult journey, TOUGH ROAD; 36. Gifted trio?, MAGI; 37. Follow the party line?, CONGA; 38. Round trip for one?, SOLO HOMER; 40. Direction givers, often, LOCALS; 42. Superexcited, FEVERISH; 43. Delicate needlepoint lace, ALENÇON; 45. Is so inclined, CARES TO; 46. Do some work between parties, MEDIATE; 47. Brings in for more tests, say, RESEES; 48. Fast parts of 31-Across, PRESTOS;49. Meteorological probe, SONDE.

Down — 1. Like wolves vis-à-vis foxes, LUSTFUL; 2. Not at length, IN A WORD; 3. Takes up onto the surface, ADSORBS; 4. Susan’s family on “Seinfeld”, ROSSES; 5. The Father of the Historical Novel, SCOTT; 6. Group of football games played at the beginning of Jan., BCS; 7. Dog it, LOAF; 8. Pardons, AMNESTIES; 9. Choose in the end, SETTLE ON; 10. Flawlessly, TO A TURN 11. Areas next to bull’s-eyes, INNERS; 12. Strongmen of old, TSARS; 14. Remedy for a bad leg, KNEE PATCH; 17. Fastballs that drop sharply near the plate, SPLITTERS; 20. Durable cover, SLATE ROOF; 23. Wise sort, SMART ALEC; 27. 2002 Best Original Screenplay Oscar winner for “Talk to Her”, ALMODOVAR; 29. Spotted hybrid house pet, BENGAL CAT; 30. 1980s Olympic star with the autobiography “Breaking the Surface”, LOU GANIS; 31. Grant, CONCEDE; 32. Geisha’s instrument, SAMISEN; 33. Expelled, EGESTED; 34. Pressure gauge connection, AIR HOSE; 35. Mechanic, say, TOOLER; 36. Beyond that, MORESO; 37. Shop keeper?, CLAMP; 39. “HERE’S Lucy” (old sitcom); 44. Florida’s De SOTO National Monument; 44. Wii ancestor, briefly, NES.


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