09.26.13 — Instrument

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Puzzle by Tom Pepper and Victor Barocas
Edited by Will Shortz

CLOCK (41A. Instrument that hints at the missing parts of certain answers in this puzzle), along with twelve answers on the perimeter constitutes the interrelated group of this clever Thursday crossword:

  1. HALF (10A. 50%)
  2. FACE (13D. Acid-burned Bat-villain)
  3. RING (38D. Like some circuses)
  4. PART (63D. Like barbershop harmony)
  5. SPOT (72A. Fin)
  6. SIDED (71A. Like a die)
  7. SEAS (70A. Sailors’ domain)
  8. DAYS (58D. Length of a Beatles “week”)
  9. WEST (26D. Popular women’s shoe seller)
  10. BEST (1D. Annual Car and Driver list)
  11. BALL (1A. It has a red stripe in pool)
  12. DOZEN (5A. A gross)

Other BOLO TIES (40D. Western party wear), DEATH STAR (58A. Darth Vader locale), EGG / YOLK (32A. With 29-Down, “golden treasure” in a Bilbo Baggins riddle), ENTER / INTO (18D. With 23-Across, sign, as a contract), GO TO SLEEP (36D. Drift off), HIGHER ED (10D. Colleges and universities, informally), I AM A CAMERA (65A. Play that was the basis for “Cabaret”), for the film, HERE, LEANING ON (3D. Using for support), SCOTIA (53A. Part of the British Isles, poetically), SHIPSHAPE (21A. Neat), SIAMESE CAT (17A. Blue-eyed pet).


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