09.28.13 — Big Things


Saturday, September 28, 2013

Puzzle by Joe Krozel / Edited by Will Shortz

Cold clues and lukewarm answers mark this unfriendly Saturday crossword.

Across — 1. Clemson Tigers logo, PAW PRINT; 9. Mistreating, MEAN TO; 15. Not left hanging, say, REELED IN; 16. Draws, INFERS; 17. Mimosas and such, ORNAMENTAL TREES; 19. Toddler seats?, POTTIES; 20. LEI Day (May 1); DEI gratia; 22. Become completely absorbed, OBSESS; 23. Florida’s BISCAYNE National Park; 25. Rhone feeder, SAÔNE; 26. It can be found beneath the lower crust, PIE TIN; 27. “Look AT US” (Vince Gill hit); 28. Sauce often served with oysters, MIGNONETTE; 32. See 43-Across, LIT; 33. Beginning of time?, BIG BANG; 34. Mao’s designated successor, HUA; 35. Snoop Dogg, to Cameron Diaz [fun fact!], SCHOOLMATE; 37. Kind of check: Abbr., CERT; 38. Coeur D’ALENE; 39. Capitale européenne, BERNE; 40. Angry Birds or Tetris, e.g., TIME SINK; 43. With 32-Across, study of Hesse and Mann, informally, GERMAN; 44. W.W. II battle site, for short, IWO; 45. One might be a couple of years old, TOT; 46. 2013 women’s singles champ at Wimbledon, BARTOLI; 47. Shows level headedness, LISTENS TO REASON; 50. Mobile advertising medium?, T-SHIRT; 51. Hardly like the pick of the litter, RUNTIEST; 52. “Oh man, that’s bad”, SHEESH; 53. Words after “say” or before “bad”, IT ISN’T SO.
Down — 1. Ring accompaniers, PROPOSALS; 2. Like stunt pilots’ stunts, AEROBATIC; 3. Headed toward bankruptcy, WENT SOUTH; 4. Printer rollers, PLATENS; 5. Release a claim to, legally, REMISE; 6. What the French think?, IDEES; 7. Marxist Andrés and writer Anais, NINS; 8. Boom source, TNT; 9. Centennial, e.g., MILESTONE; 10. Good at drawing?, ENTICING; 11. Continental abbr., AFR; 12. Attention-seeking, say, NEEDY; 13. Woodenware, TREEN; 14. Davis of Hollywood, OSSIE; 18. Put off, ALIENATE; 23. Occupy opponent, BIG BANK; 24. Suffix with hex-, ANE; 26. Eyeshades?, PIGMENTS; 28. Like a customer who may get special notice, MILLIONTH; 29. Plastic that can be made permanently rigid, THERMOSET; 30. See red?, TURN A LOSS; 31. Corroded, EATEN INTO; 33. Braggadocios, BOASTERS; 36. Inauguration recitation, maybe, ODE; 37. Confirmed, CERTAIN; 39. Ones above military heads, BERETS; 40. Lists, TILTS; 41. “Would that it were!”, I WISH; Former Israeli president Katsav, MOSHE; 43. Adorned, per menus, GARNI; 46. Something with round parts?, BOUT; 48. Draw, TIE; 49. Part of 8-Down, TRI.


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