09.06.13 — The Friday Crossword

Still Life with a Skull and a Writing Quill, 1628, Pieter Claeszoon 


Friday, September 6, 2013

Puzzle by Brad Wilber and Doug Peterson
Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Old Hollywood low-budget studios, collectively, POVERTY ROW; 11. “Oh, God!” actress, GARR; 15. Wine bottle contents in Hitchcock’s “Notorious”, URANIUM ORE; 16. Only event in which Venezuela medaled at the 2012 Olympics, EPEE; 17. Dessert often with cream cheese icing, CARROT CAKE; 18. Ironwoman org.?, LPGA; 19. Singer born Eithne Ní Bhraonáin, ENYA; 20. Map inits. Created in the wake of the Suez Crisis, UAR; 21. Now-rare connection method, PENTEL; 23. Blather, GAS; 25. Big name in markers, PENTEL; 26. Nitroglycerin, for one, ESTER; 29. Director’s alternative to a dolly, STEADICAM; 32. It was dissolved in 1991, WARSAW PACT; 34. Time in TV ads, NITE; 35. Fused, ONE; 36. Fortify, BOLSTER; 38. Domingo, e.g., DIA; 39. Onetime TV music vendor, K-TEL; 41. Kind of community, RETIREMENT; 43. Avocado relative, SAGE GREEN; 45. Ross Sea sights, BERGS; 48. Interrupts, CUTS IN; 47. Strike out, FAN; 48. Excoriates, BLASTS; 49. “Revolution 9” collaborator, ONO; 51. It may slip in the back, DISK; 56. L.B.J. biographer Robert CARO; 56. One-third of a triangle, maybe, OTHER WOMAN; 59. Hindi relative, URDU; 60. The goddess Kali appeared on its first cover, MS MAGAZINE; 61. Bygone, PAST; 62. New Jersey childhood home of Whitney Houston and Queen Latifah, EAST ORANGE.

Down — 1. Brownish purple, PUCE; 2. Port where Camus set “The Plague”, ORAN; 3. Fluctuate, VARY; 4. Brings to a boil, ENRAGES; 5. Rock in RIO (major music festival); 8. “Coppélia” attire, TUTUS; 7. Hit from the 1978 disco album “Cruisin’”, YMCA; 8. More than chuckle, ROAR; 9. Planet first mentioned on “Happy Days”, ORK; 10. It’s used to define a border, WEED EATER; 11. Colorful dessert, GELATIN; 12. Press production, APPLE CIDER; 13. Doing a government agency’s job, REGULATING; 14. Garner, REAP; 22. Not the party type?: Abbr., IND; 24. Part of 20-Across, ARAB; 25. Substance that citrus peels are rich in, PECTIN; 26. Endor natives, EWOKS; 27. Site of the last battle of the Cuban Revolution, SANTA CLARA; 28. Barriers used in urban renewal projects, TREE GUARDS; 29. Ire, SPLEEN; 30. Get a hint of, TASTE; 31. Party tray array, MEATS; 33. Vexing, WORRISOME; 37. Country name, REBA; 40. Releases, LETS OUT; 42. Baseball’s MENDOZA Line (.200 batting average); 44. Prime meridian std., GST; 47. Skip, FORGO; 40. Smallish lingerie, B CUP; 49. Electrical units, OHMS; 50. Ordered, NEAT; 52. “You can count on me”, I’M IN; 53. Provided backup, in a way, SANG; 54. Deep or high lead-in, KNEE; 57. Org. with Inspectors, TSA; 58. “A defeat for humanity,” per Pope John Paul II, WAR.


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