09.13.13 — Crater Creator

Friday, September 13, 2013

Puzzle by Patrick Berry / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Holding, CLASPING; 9. Way of looking at things, ANGLE; 14. Reading light for an audio book?, LASER BEAM; 16. Detergent component, BORAX; 17. Going nowhere?, INANIMATE; 18. Pine for, CRAVE; 19. Org. always headed by a U.S. general or admiral NORAD; 20. Baltic native, LETT; 22. “After YOU”; 23. Seat cushions?, GLUTEI; 25. Old airline name, EASTERN; 28. Roofing choice, TILE; 29. “According to reports …”; RUMOR HAS IT; 32. Wedded, ONE; 33. They make a racket, CON ARTISTS; 34. Cell alternatives, LAND LINES; 38. Like each word from this clue, FOUR LETTER; 37. Many a time, OFT; 40. Change places, COIN PURSES; 41. White spread, BRIE; 42. Heavy and clumsy, HULKING; 43. White of the eye, SCLERA; 45. The Dom is the third highest one, ALP; 48. A whole bunch, GOBS; 49. Blows a fuse, RAGES; 50. Nation with the most Unesco World Heritage Sites, ITALY; 53. Winner over Ohio State in 1935’s so-called “Game of the Century”, NOTRE DAME; 55. Suez Crisis setting, SINAI; 56. Startling revelation, EYE OPENER; 57. Xerox competitor, EPSON; 58. Buffalo Bill and Calamity Jane wore them, STETSONS.

About 50,000 years ago, a 45 meter wide iron-nickel meteorite plunged into the desert of Earth's American southwest leaving a scar which still persists to this day. ~ Arizona Meteor Crater 

Down — 1. Hold firmly, as opinions, CLING TO; 2. Stuff used to soften baseball mitts, LANOLIN; 3. Generally, AS A RULE; 4. Hill house, SENATE; 5. “A Whizzing rocket that would emulate a star,” per Wordsworth, PRIDE; 6. Big name in storage, IBM; 7. NEAL Boortz of talk radio; Swinger?, GATE; 9. Diane Sawyer’s employer, ABC; 10. Land on the Arctic Cir., NOR; 11. Most dismal, GRAYEST; 12. Mouthwash with the patented ingredient Zantrate, LAVORIS; 13. Shakespearean sage direction, EXEUNT; 15. Depression creator, METEORITE; 21. Crab apple’s quality, TARTNESS; 24. Old-fashioned respirator, IRON LUNG; 26. Not as outgoing, SHIER; 27. Communist bloc news source, TASS; 30. Experienced, UNDERGONE; 31. Fountain drinks, MALTS; 33. Wrist bones, CARPI;  34. Lamebrain, LUNK; 35. It’s not fair, FOUL TIP; 38. Car collectors?, OIL PANS; 37. Greek salad ingredient, OREGANO; 38. They arrive by the truckload, FIREMEN; 39. Movie trailers, e.g., TEASERS; 40. Carriage with a folding hood, CHAISE; 41. Turbine parts, BLADES; 44. Advanced slowly, CREPT; 47. School door sign, BOYS; 48. Amendment to an amendment, STET; 51. Southeast Asian language, LAO; 53. Dark side, YIN; 54. Ikura or tobiko, ROE.


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