10.27.13 — A Trip Across a Desert

Lophophora williamsii is a small, spineless cactus with psychoactive alkaloids, particularly mescaline.  The Spanish common name, also used in English, is peyote from the Nahuatl word peyōtl, which means "glisten" or "glistening". Native North Americans are likely to have used peyote for at least 5,500 years. ~ Wikipedia


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Who’s Left, Puzzle by Brendan Emmett Quigley
Edited by Will Shortz

Ten names, GRACE, JAMES, ALEX, PETER, MARIA, SARAH, CLAIRE, EVAN,  KYLE and STELLA, reading from right to left in circled letters, constitutes the interrelated group of this fairly friendly standard-but-with-an-afterthought Sunday crossword.

The answers containing the names:

THREE CAR GARAGE (23A. McMansion’s storage)
LÈSE-MAJESTÉ (37A. Attack on sacred custom)
PIXELATED (39A. Dotty?)
CONCRETE PUMP (50A. Piece of road construction equipment)
HARASSMENT (69A. Badgering)
AERIAL COMBAT (80A. What the Red Baron engaged in)
ON AVERAGE (91A. Generally speaking)
WIDELY KNOWN (96A. Famous)
BALLET SLIPPERS (113A. They may keep you on your toes)

Other — British novelist Anthony BURGESS, COHERER (2D. Primitive radio receiver), CONGERS and EELS (88D. Some 99-Down), COULTER (20A. Author of “If Democrats Had Any Brains, They’d Be Republicans”), IMMORTAL (31D. Any Mount Olympus dweller), ISAO AOKI (65D. Golfer nicknamed “Tower”),  MIAOWS (73D. Cat calls), P C BOARD (1A. Etched computer component), PEYOTE (34D. Provider of a trip across a desert?), SPACE JAM (105A. Jordan feature), SMEE and SPEE, SWANEE (56D. River of song), SWARD (56A. Grassy expanse), WRING DRY (28A. Remove the last drop from).


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Randy said...

But what do these first names mean? There are five female first names, five male first names. Do they mean nothing? Or is there some pattern there? Somehow people who are leftist? I can't find a pattern.


St.Genevieve said...

I have the exact same question as Randy!

St.Genevieve said...

I have a feeling the connection is that they are all left-leaning political news reporters or pundits; for example, James Carville, Claire Shipman....but I am not going to do any more research about it! It's not that interesting.

Chris Burkhalter said...

I was similarly confused.

Unknown said...

After I had completed the puzzle I asked my wife what significance the names might have. I thought they could be the names of American Idol champs or from one of the other similar TV shows that she watches. She watches them all and she's pretty smart, but she is as stumped as I am.

Unknown said...

Thinking they might have something to do with American Idol winners or some similar TV contest, I asked for my wife's opinion. She is as stumped as I am.