03.18.14 — Armless

“Snakecharmers” a chromolithograph by Alfred Brehm c. 1883


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Puzzle by David Kwong / Edited by Will Shortz

BURGLAR ALARM, GARMENT DISTRICT, DEATH WARMED OVER, and SNAKE CHARMER, found without A FAREWELL TO ARMS (38A. W.W. I novel … hinted at by 17-, 24-, 52- and 64-Across), BURGLAR AL (17A. Home-invading Gore?), GENT DISTRICT (24A. Area for aristocrats?), DEATH WED OVER (52A. Exchange of vows again for the Grim Reaper?) and SNAKE CHER (64A. Emmy, Oscar and Grammy-winning reptile?) constitutes the interrelated group of this perfectly harmless Tuesday crossword.

Other — À GO GO (14D. To the max, ‘60s-style), BOO BOO (28A. Mistake), CHAO (30A. Bush’s labor secretary), DEERE (52D. Caterpillar rival), ERRED (53D. Acted in a human way?), MOTOROLA (9D. Razr maker), MR BEAN (49A. Visual gag character of British TV), RATTED ON (39D. Turned in, in a way).


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Anonymous said...

Hemingway's first novel was to be about a Chinese revolutionary in which (in his terse style)the bell tolled for "the".

Sun Also Rises

... groans