03.30.14 — Musical Interpretation

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Musical Interpretation, Puzzle by Peter A. Collins
Edited by Will Shortz

Six song titles are featured in an unconventional manner in this amiable Sunday crossword:

R O C K [around] THE CLOCK (28A. With the circled letters, 1955 Bill Haley and His Comets hit?)
SMOKE (on) THE WATER (37A. With 43-Across, 1973 Deep Purple hit?)
A TEENAGER (in) LOVE (66A. 1959 Dion and the Belmonts hit?)
TIME (after) TIME (78A.1994 Cyndi Lauper hit?)
STAND (by) YOUR MAN (90D. With 89-Down, Tammy Wynette hit?)
NOOM DAB [BAD MOON] (rising) (90D. 1869 Creedence Clearwater Revival hit?)

Other — ALADDIN (93D. Rubber from Arabia?); DICK AND JANE (116A. Primer pair); DRIVEN MAD (114A. Made bats); EDITORIALS (75D. Slanted writing); EMPIRICIST (70D. John Locke, philosophically); IN BAD SHAPE (3D. Suffering), ISSUE DATE (119A. Info on a magazine cover); LAUDATORY (21A. Like an ode), SGT BILKO and SILVERS (65D. NCO of 1950s TV; 73A. Phil who played 65-Down); OUTERMOST (25A. Like Neptune among the planets in the solar system); SUBSISTENCE (23A. Kind of farming); TOE LOOP (62A. Olympic leap); TOO CAREFUL (16D. What fastidious people can‘t be); TWERK (7D. Back it up, in a way).


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