03.20.14 — Get!


Thursday, March 20, 2014 — Vernal Equinox 

Puzzle by Victor Barocas / Edited by Will Shortz

GET, convoluted, within four answers constitutes the main feature of this first-day-of-spring Thursday crossword:

PATE-GURNER (Gripping read [“Get back!])
STORAG/E/TANKS (24A. Oil containers [“Get down!”])
COLLEG/E/TOWNS (50A. Amherst and Orono, for two [“Get up!])
A BRID/GE/ T/OO FAR (61A. 1977 W.W. II flm [“Get lost!”])

Other — CONGOLESE (11D. Brazzavlle inhabitants), EXTORTS (4D. Makes pay, n a bad way), JEZEBEL (45D. Prominent feminist blog), OUNCE and PINT (15A. 1/16 of a 17-Across); SALTIER (42D. More like sailors’ talk, stereotypically), SKUNK and SQUAB (29D. Leave scoreless; 5A. Alternative to a game hen), WRIT LARGE (32D. Presented prominently).


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Anonymous said...

What brought up the snowdrops? I live in St. Louis and found some of these coming up in my back yard one winter. I transplanted them into a stone lined garden spot in front of my front porch and they have thrived. They seem to prefer to come up when there's snow on the ground.

DONALD said...

First day of Spring, Winter still hanging in there!