03.22.14 — The Saturday Crossword


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Puzzle by Greg Johnson / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Passed in a blur, say, FLEW BY; 7. Develops gradually, GESTATES; 15. Smoking, RED HOT; 16. Change-making, ALTERANT; 17. Where to look for self-growth, INWARD; 18. Obsolescent storage device, ZIP DRIVE; 19. Historic first name in W.W. II, ENOLA; 20. Locale of three presidential libraries, TEXAS; 21. Fried, LIT; 22. One often behind bars, ZOO EXHIBIT; 24. Ditch, TOSS; 25. Doesn’t carry on, ENDS; 26. Oxygen’s lack, ODOR; 27. Rescuer of Princess Peach, MARIO; 28. Near: Fr.; 29. Churchyard gravedigger, SEXTON; 30. Signs of things to come, HERALDS; 34. Truckloads, LEGIONS; 35. Hard to grasp, OPAQUE; 36. Remains after the aging process, LEES; 37. Opposite of 28-Down, MINUS; 38. Santa’s reindeer, e.g., TEAM; 39. Some sharp words, SASS; 43. Lou’s “La Bamba” co-star, ESAI; 44. Concord concoction, GRAPE JELLY; 46. Many a “Meet the Press” guess, informally, POL; 47. Swindler’s moola, GRIFT; 48. Hiked, UPPED; 49. She had a single-season stint on “The View”, O’DONNELL; 51. Many a worker at Union Pacific headquarters, OMAHAN; 52. Like Enterprise vehicles, RENTABLE; 53. Fired up?, ABLAZE; 54. Best, as friends, TIGHTEST; 55. One of Leakey’s “Trimates”, FOSSEY.

Down — 1. Decorated band along a wall, FRIEZE; 2. “Reality leaves a lot to the imagination” speaker, LENNON; 3. He directed Bela Lugosi in “Bride of the Monster”, ED WOOD; 4 High rollers, in casino lingo, WHALES; 5. Cheap, shoddy merchandise, BORAX; 6. Financial statement abbr., YTD; 7. Outdoor wedding settings, GAZEBOS; 8. Alchemist’s offering, ELIXIR; 9. Green party V.I.P., ST. PAT; 10. Three Stooges creator Healy and others, TEDS; 11. Concourse abbr., ARR; 12. Personalize for, TAILOR FOR; 13. Picture, ENVISION; 14. Troopers’ toppers, STETSONS; 20. Almanac info, TIDES; 23. Large pack, HORDE; 24. Get set to take off, TAXI; 27. What an 18-Across’s capacity is measured in, briefly, MEGS; 28. Opposite of 37-Across, PLUS; 29. Message sometimes written below “F”, SEE ME; 30. Regular embarkation location, HOME PORT; 31. Series starter, EPISODE; 32. Left, RAN ALONG; 33. “AQUI se habla espanol!”; 34. Did an entrechat, LEAPT; 36, Flier, LEAFLET; 38. Voice lesson subjects, TRILLS; 39. Protection for flowers in bud, SEPALS; 40. Socially dominant sorts, ALPHAS; 41. Dirty rat, SLEEZE; 42. Biggest city on the smallest continent, SYDNEY; 44. Diving bird, GREBE; 45. Mammoth, JUMBO; 47. Cookout irritant, GNAT; 50. NTH root (math quantity); 51. Bungler, OAF.


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