03.28.14 — Hijackers

Friday, March 28, 2014

Puzzle by David J. Kahn / Edited by Will Shortz

Five fifteen-letter across answers constitutes the main group of this Friday crossword, along with SOMALI PIRATES (16-Down - Hijackers who captured 38-Across), e.g., CAPTAIN PHILLIPS.

ORLANDO SENTINEL (15A. Central Florida daily)
SOURCE OF INCOME (17A. Part-time jobs for college students, say)
ALEXANDER CALDER (61A. Mobile creator) 

Other across — 1. Those who respond to pickup lines?, CABBIES; 8. Drags, BUMMERS; 18. Disbelieving, AWED; 19. Major-leaguer from Osaka who threw two no-hitters, NOMO; 20. Trap, SET-UP; 21. Haddock relatives, CODS; 23. Constellation described by Ptolemy, ARA; 25. Part of 56-Across: Abbr., EST; 26. Conductor with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, MEHTA; 28. “A Chorus Line” lyricist Ed KLEBAN; 31. Iran’s Ayotollah ALI Khamenei; 32. Year the Angels won the World Series, MMII; 34. Brit’s cry of surprise, BLIMEY; 41. Standard, ENSIGN; 42. Extreme piques, IRES; 43. “I’ll SEE”; 44. Old letter opener: Abbr., MESSRS; 46. Upper regions of space, ETHER; 48. Org. of which Tom Hanks is a member, SAG; 51. Mauna KEA; 52. Shaving brand, ATRA; 53. Slip preventer, CLEAT; 56. Terminal announcements, for short, ETAS; 58. Writer William INGE; 65. Demanded immediate action from, PRESSED; 66. Superlatively bouncy, SPRYEST.

Other down — 1. COSA Nostra; 2. Aligned, after “in”, A ROW; 3. Relatively low-risk investments, BLUE CHIPS; 4. Actress for whom a neckline  is named, BARDOT; 5. INC 500; 6. Unspoiled places, EDENS; 7. Meh, SO SO; 8. First of two pictures, BEFORE; 9. Start to color?, UNI; 10. Range parts: Abbr., MTNS; 11. Symbols of timidity, MICE; 12. Modern message, E-NOTE; 13. Fictional teller of tales, REMUS; 14. Wasn’t alert, SLEPT; 22. “What’s the DAMAGE?”; 24. First name in 60s radicalism, ABBIE; 26. Old club, MACE; 27. Flourish, ELAN; 28. Connected people, KIN; 29. Ready, ALL SET; 30. Nothing, NIL; 33. Eastern European capital of 2 million, MINSK; 35. Screw up, MISHANDLE; 36. Sport with automated scoring, EPEE; 37. River of W.W. I; YSER; 39. Dickens boy, TIM; 40. Ballpark dingers: Abbr., HRS; 45. Positioned well, SEEDED; 47. English hat similar to a fedora, TRILBY; 48. Where flakes may build up, SCALP; 49. ALL OR nothing; 50. Simple sorts, GEESE; 52. Musical grp., ASCAP; 54. Fires, AXES; 55. Western setting for artisans, TAOS; 57. They may be heavy or open, ARMS; 59. Bee GEES; 60. Formerly, old style, ERST; 62. Nautical heading: Abbr., NNE; 63. Part of 56-Across: Abbr., ARR.


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