03.12.14 — Drink!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Puzzle by Jeff Chen / Edited by Will Shortz

DRINKS ALL AROUND (38A. “I’m buying!,” at a bar … or a hint to this puzzle’s theme), along with the names of drinks around the perimeter of the puzzle‘s grid, e.g., MILK, JUICE, TEA, GIN, VODKA, SAKE, WINE, WATER, POP, ALE, CIDER and MEAD constitute the interrelated group of this Wednesday crossword.

MILK, JUICE and TEA are clued as White breakfast beverage, Orange breakfast beverage and Tan breakfast beverage.  GIN, VODKA and SAKE as Clear libation popular in England, Clear libation popular in Russia and Clear libation popular in Japan.  POP, WATER and WINE as Fizzy dinner quaff, Plain dinner quaff and Genteel dinner quaff.  MEAD, CIDER and ALE as Product of fermenting honey, Product of fermenting apples and Product of fermenting barley.

Other — DON’T STARE (20A. Admonition to the overly curious), EAGLE EYE (41A. Good-looking person?), PAPER DOLL (22D. Cutout toy), PLOT LINES (54A. Story threads), RISOTTO (44A. Alternative to pasta), SNOOKERED 921D. Hornswoggled), TIME TO GO (36A. Words said while tapping on a watch).



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