03.07.14 — Schadenfreude

'Taming the Donkey', painting by Eduardo Zamacois y Zabala, 1868

Schadenfreude is pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others.  This word is a loanword from German. The literal English translation is 'Harm-Joy'. It is the feeling of joy or pleasure when one sees another fail or suffer misfortune.


Friday, March 7, 2014

Puzzle by Matt Ginsberg / Edited by Will Shortz

THE NANNY / LOST / ALL MY CHILDREN clued as 15A. TV show that debuted on 11/3/93 (and start of a parent’s distressed cry?; 39A. TV show that debuted on 9/22/04 (middle of the cry); TV show that debuted on 1/5/70 (end of the cry), constitutes the interrelated group of this challenging Friday crossword.

Other across — 1. Cause for squirming, ICKINESS; 9. Container for Rip Van Winkle, FLAGON; 18. Furnishing in many a tearoom TATAMI; 17. Officer’s “gift”, CITATION; 18. Lemony, for example, CITRIC; 19. Roles, metaphorically, HATS; 20. SWEE’ Pea; 22. “The king of terrors,” per Job 18, DEATH; 23. Anklebones, TALI; 25. In the company of, AMONGST; 27. Guilty pleasure?, SCHADENFREUDE; 31. Poetic member of a Greek nonet, ERATO; 32. Having a gaping hole, say, RENT; 33. Org. in “Breaking Bad”, DEA; 36. Setting for “The Shining”, MAZE; 37. Bogart role, SPADE; 40. Corporate giant co-founded by Thomas Watson, IBM; 41. Jackie with acting chops, CHAN; 42. Sit on it, ROOST; 47. Greek hunter trained by Chiron, ACTAEON; 49. Language that gave us “slogan,” originally meaning “battle cry”, ERSE; 50. Dreaded sort?, RASTA; 51. Outside: Prefix, ECTO; 53. Noted septet, SEAS; 57. Trojan rivals, BRUINS; 59. Transfer, as wine, REBOTTLE; 61. Merlino, Suffolk and Dorset, OVINES; 62. Like Christmas candles, typically, AROMATIC; 63. “Says who?,” e.g., RETORT; 64. So-so, NOT GREAT.

The Death of Actaeon by Titian 1559-75

Down — 1. It may come with a bite, ITCH; 2. Pet project?, CHIA; 3. “Etta KETT” (old comic strip); 4. Worked up, IN A STATE; 5. NAT Turner of pages in history; 6. Put on a key?, ENISLE; 7. Isolate, somehow, SNOW IN; 8. Burnsian “ago”, SYNE; 9. Govt. agency that supports competition, FTC; 10. Presented, LAID OUT; 11. See (to), ATTEND; 12. Thing often controlled by a remote, GARAGE DOOR; 13. Drops, OMITS; 14. Not in Germany?, NICHT; 21. Ending with dog or jug, EARED; 24. Flurry, ADO; 26. Word on a biblical wall, MENE; 27. Certain playoff game, SEMI; 28. Zodiac symbol, CRAB; 29. Requirement for special handling?, HAZMAT SUIT; 30. Swiss standard, FRANC; 34. To be in ancient times?, ESSE; 35. Subj. line alert, ATTN; 37. Chucklehead, SHMO; 38. Alexander who directed “Nebraska”, PAYNE; 39. Guiding light, LODESTAR; 41. Pledge, e.g., CLEANER; 42. Literary inits., RLS; 44. Marco Rubio, for one, LATINO; 45. Straight, HETERO; 46. Will Smith flick of 2004, I ROBOT; 47. Subject of a celebration on the last Friday in April, ARBOR; 48. Chisel, CARVE; 52. Lead-in to apple, CRAN; 54. Trix alternative?, ETTE; 55. Inter ALIA; 56. Ending with inter-, SECT; 58. Retired boomer, SST; 60. Texter’s “No way!”, OMG.


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