03.15.14 — The Saturday Crossword


Saturday, March 15, 2014  The Ides of March 

Puzzle by Ed Sessa / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Like some methods of detection, HOLMESIAN; 10. Winter athletes' pull-ups?, T-BARS; 15. Without requiring scrutiny, AT A GLANCE, 16. Last name in the skin care industry, ARPEL; 17. Indication that one wants to get smacked, KISSYFACE; 18. Producer of "whirlybirds", MAPLE; 19. How the descriptions of most things usually end?, EST; 20. Cast, SENT; 21. Like many taxis, HAILED; 22. Bathhouse square, TILE; 23. N.B.A. team starting in 1988, HORNETS; 24. A line, e.g., SUBWAY; 27. A lines, e.g., SERIFS; 28. "Essays in Love" writer ALAIN de Botton; 29. People everywhere, HUMAN RACE; 32. Since 2010 it's had a shield on its back, CENT; 33. Buckles, WARPS; 34. Jack for Jacques?, EURO; 35. Two or three in a row, say, SEAT MATES; 37. Texas state tree, PECAN; 38. Prevent from having anything?, NEUTER; 39. What cookies are often baked in, DOZENS; 40. Stung, SMARTED; 42. Swiss bank depositor?, AARE; 43. Spare change collector, TIP JAR; 44. Spare change collectors, BUMS; 45. Vineyard, in Vichy, CRU; 48. Song of exultation, PAEAN; 49. Sexy, BODACIOUS; 51. Failed in a big way, ATE IT; 52. Seaweed used in home brewing, IRISH MOSS; 53. Some men's sizes, TALLS; 54. One controlling drones, BEEKEEPER.

The Death of Caesar (1798) by Vincenzo Camuccini

Down — Relative of a haddock, HAKE; 2. Uplifting company?, OTIS; 3. Bad way to finish, LAST; 4. Classic two-seaters, MGS; 5. Blissful, ELYSIAN; 6. Without incident, say, SAFELY; 7. Lacking a point, INANE; 8. A teller might update it: Abbr., ACCT; 9. Connection between Obama and Robinson?, NEE; 10. Member of the marmoset family, TAMARIN; 11. Cold discomfort, of sorts, BRAIN FREEZE; 12. Poppycock, APPLESAUCE; 13. Found new tenants for, RELET; 14. Polar bearers?, SLEDS; 21. They're often accompanied by "Hava Nagila", HORAS; 22. Penalty for some overly prolific posters, TWITTER JAIL; 23. Rope and dope sources, HEMPS; 24. Body bags?, SACS; 25. Title 54-Across of film, ULEE; 26. Skin behind a slip, perhaps, BANANA PEEL; 27. Less likely to have waffles, SURER; 29. Like super villains, HATED; 30. Grape, Cherry or Strawberry lead-in, CRAN; 31. A lot of the time?, EONS; 33. Need for life, WATER; 36. Staples of Marvel Comics, MUTANTS; 37. Cayenne producer, PORSCHE; 39. Velvety pink, DAMASK; 40. Annual winter honoree, briefly, ST PAT; 41. Modern two-seater : MIATA; 42. Murphy of "To Hell and Back", AUDIE; 44. "Zzz" inducer, BORE; 45. Something to buy into, COOP; 46. Device, RUSE; 47. Miracle on Ice loser of '80, USSR; 49. Crab house accessory, BIB; 50. "I ME Wed" (2007 Erica Durance movie).


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