03.23.14 — Bright Ideas

Original carbon-filament bulb 
from Thomas Edison’s shop in Menlo Park


Sunday, March 23, 2014

“Bright Ideas” — Puzzle by Ian Livengood
Edited by Will Shortz

I HAVE NOT FAILED; I’VE JUST / FOUND TEN THOUSAND WAYS / THAT WON’T WORK (23A, 29A and 43A. Motivational comment attributed to 86-Across); THOMAS EDISON; THE WIZARD OF MENLO PARK (95A. Nickname for 86-Across); INCANDESCENT LIGHT BULB (106A. Development of 86-Across ... as depicted in the middle of this grid) and AHA MOMENT in circled letters forming the shape of a light bulb constitutes the interrelated group of this bright Sunday crossword.

Other — BUS LANE and TAN LINE; CHICAGO BULLS (12D. United Center team); DNA MOLECULE (3D. Bit of a code); LUNDGREN (116A. Dolph of “Rocky IV”); METALLICA (42D. “Death Magnetic” band); MUSSINA (76A. Pitcher Mike with 270 wins); NFC SOUTH (19A. Saint’s home, for short); OPEN CIRCUIT (67D. What an electric current does not flow through); SESAME BAGELS (60D. Deli stock with seeds); THE NINERS 47D. Five-time Super Bowl champions, informally); TUSHES (56D. Cabooses).


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