03.29.14 — Sphinx

Oedipus listening to the riddle of the Sphinx.  
Kylix, 467 BC, Vatican Museum


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Puzzle by Barry C. Silk / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. It’s made from an ear and put in the mouth, CORNCOB PIPE; 12. Highlander’s accessory, TAM; 15. 1967 ht by the Hollies, ON A CAROUSEL; 16. One may have a full body, ALE; 17. Copied the page?, RAN AN ERRAND; 18. They  often land next to queens: Abbr., KTS; 19. Prefix with flop, GIGA; 20. They often land next to queens, DRONE BEES; 22. Cross quality, IRE; 23. Move a whole lot, AWE; 25. Backward, AREAR; 26. Fame, STARDOM; 29. Spice stores?, TINS; 31. Enigmatic, SPHINX-LIKE; 34. Nanny, in Nanjing, AMAH; 35. Question after a surprising claim, YOU DO; 36. Party bowlful, ICE; 37. Supply one’s moving address?, ORATE; 38. Network point, NODE; 39. Now whole, INTEGRATED; 41. Orphaned lion of literature, ELSA; 42. Knit at a social function?, TEA COZY; 43. Brownie alternative, TORTE; 45. “Veep” airer, HBO; 46. Pinch-hitter, SUB; 49. Smallest member of the Council of Europe, SAN MARINO; 52. See 7-Down, CASE; 53. Withdraw, EBB; 54. It’s between Buda and Pest, DANUBE RIVER; 57. After, A LA; 58. Forum setting, ANCIENT ROME; 59. 180, UEY; 60. Target of a spy, STATE SECRET.

Down — 1. Herder from Wales, CORGI; 2. Live warning?, ON AIR; 3. Voice lesson topic, RANGE; 4. Bulldogs play in it: Abbr., NCAA; 5. 86, CAN; 6. Rush target, ORE; 7. With 52-Across, something n a gray area, BORDERLINE; 8. Himalayan production, PURR; 9. Golfer Aoki, ISAO; 10. Ayn Rand, e.g., PEN NAME; 11. Higher-up?, ELDER; 12. Target, TAKE AIM AT; 13. Every second, ALTERNATIVE; 14. Jam, MESS; 21. Product of some decay, BETA RAY; 23. O’s is one more than N’s, AT NO; 24. Comb composition, WAX; 26. Like some pitches, SIDE ARM; 27. Orders, DICTA; 28. Locals call it the “Big O”, OKEECHOBEE; 30. Where spades may be laid down, SHED; 31. End of a song often sung by inebriated people, SYNE; 32. Shark’s place, POOL TABLE; 33. Polar Bear Provincial Park borders it, HUDSON BAY; 37. Minestrone ingredient, ORZO; 39. Repetitive, ITERANT; 40. Bunch, GOB; 44. Self-congratulatory cries, TADAS; 46. Not just wolf down, SAVOR; 47. “I’d love to help”, USE ME; 48. Part of Che Guevara’s attire, BERET; 49. Junior in 12 Pro Bowls, SEAU; 50. Highlander of old, INCA; 51. Period sans soleil, NUIT; 52. Magazine fig., CIRC; 55. Half of nne?, ENS; 56. U.S.P.S. assignment, RTE.


"A thing there is whose voice is one;
Whose feet are four and two and three.
So mutable a thing is none
That moves in earth or sky or sea.
When on most feet this thing doth go,
Its strength is weakest and its pace most slow."

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