03.31.14 — Rural Couple


Monday, March 31, 2014

Puzzle by Robert Cirillo / Edited by Will Shortz

MA AND PA (35A. Rural couple … or what the respective halves of the answers to the four starred clues start with), along with MASQUERADE PARTY, MASSAGE PARLOR, MACARTHUR PARK and MARDI GRAS PARADE, constitute the interrelated group of this pleasant Monday crossword:

MASQUERADE PARTY (16A. *Where Romeo and Juliet meet)
MASSAGE PARLOR (24A. *Often-seedy establishment)
MACARTHUR PARK (42A. *1978 #1 Donna Summer hit that covered a 1968 #2 hit by Richard Harris)
MARDI GRAS PARADE (56A. *New Orleans event with floats)

Other — BARBARELLA (10D. 1968 Jane Fonda sci-fi film), EX-HUSBAND (19A. Dick, to Liz, twice), HORACE and ODES (5D. “Ars Poetica” poet; 54D. Poems by 5-Down), INQUEST (4D. Official investigation), Pop artist JASPER Johns, MODEL T (60A. Car famously available in any color, as long as it was black), STORM SURGE (26D. Rise of seawater than might accompany a hurricane), URSA MAJOR (51A. The handle of the Big Dipper is its tail).


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