11.21.14 — A to Z


Friday, November 21, 2014

Puzzle by Kevin Christian / Edited by Will Shortz

The representation of the entire alphabet is the main feature of this Friday crossword. 

Across — 1. Having a big itch, JONESING; 9. Giant jet, AIRBUS; 15, EMOTICON; 16. “Swann’s Way” novelist, PROUST; 17. Marinara, e.g., RED SAUCE; 18. When to put all you eggs in one basket?, EASTER; 19. Late legend in countdowns, KASEM; 20. Bell part, LIP; 22. Fertiliser ingredient, NITRE; 23. Neighbor of 10-Down, IRAQ; 24. Underlying, BASAL; 26. “Country Girl” memoirist O’Brien, EDNA; 27. Capital player, briefly, NAT; 28. Fire, PASSION; 30. Soy, north of Mexico, I AM; 31. Elves, in poetry, FAYS; 32. Heat loss, maybe?, NBA GAME; 34. Home of minor-league baseball’s Brewers, HELENA; 37. Like lizards and lizardfish, SCALED; 38. Tennis since 1968, OPEN ERA; 40. “Give this A TRY”; 41. It can be dry or sparkling, WIT; 42. Title woman of a 1977 Neil Diamond hit, DESIREE; 44. Org. of sisters, SOR; 47. Bit of design info, SPEC; 49. Not still, ASTIR; 50. Where a ducktail tapers, NAPE; 51. Paroxysm, THROE; 53. Looney Tunes devil, for short, TAZ; 54. Ceilings, informally, MAXES; 55. Refuse to leave alone, HARASS; 57. Farmers’ market frequenter, maybe, LOCAVORE; 59. Novelist Shreve and others, ANITAS; 60. Hoosier, INDIANAN: 61. Key figure?, TYPIST; 62. Spark, CATALYST.

Down — 1. Close-fitting, sleeveless jacket, JERKIN; 2. 1998 Masters champ Mark O’MEARA; 3. Acknowledges without a sound, NODS AT; 4. Footnote abr., ET SEQ; 5. Neighbor of Indiana and China in Risk, SIAM; 6. Post-O.R. stop, maybe, ICU; 7. What a boor has, NO CLASS; 8. Rock with colored bands, GNEISS; 9. Boor, APE; 10. Neighbor of 23-Across, IRAN; 11. Good name for an optimist?, ROSIE; 12. Call from the rear?, BUTT-DIAL; 13. Avatar accompanier, USER NAME; 14. Like music on Pandora Radio, STREAMED; 21. Hassle, PAIN; 24. Giants’ environs, BAY AREA; 25. Source of the delicacy tomalley, LOBSTER; 28. Like man mirrors, PANED; 29. Nautilus shell feature, NACRE; 31. Home for a sedge wren, FEN; 33. Like the out crowd?, GAY; 34. “Come again?”, HOW’S THAT; 35. Moment when the fog lifts, EPIPHANY; 36. “Go for it!”, LET ‘ER RIP; 40. Major copper exporter, ARIZONA; 43. Slanted, ITALIC; 44. State bordering Poland, SAXONY; 45. Unlikely fare for philistines, OPERAS; 46. Mind a lot, RESENT; 48. Kinkajou’s kin, COATI; 50. Like some forces, NAVAL; 52. Those, in Toledo, ESAS; 54. Hermes’ mother, MAIA; 56. Boomer for nearly 35 yrs., SST; 58. Setting for many card games, CDT.


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