11.30.14 — Zap!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

“Zap!”  Puzzle by Matt Ginsberg
Edited by Will Shortz

In this Sunday crossword, AD  (in a single square) has been humorously "zapped" from familiar phrases, like fast-forwarding while watching television — clues reference the imagined AD-less phrases.

BRO[AD]-MINDED (19A: Focused on one's fellow fraternity members?)
IRISH BALL[AD] (24A: Dublin dance?)
CHANGE OF [AD]DRESS (36A: What Clark Kent needs to become Superman?)
ON THE SH[AD]Y SIDE (45A: Somewhat bashful?)
FIVE O'CLOCK SH[AD]OW (63A: Local afternoon newscast?)
[AD]OPTION AGENCY (83A: Business offering the right to buy and sell securities?)
FOLLOW THE LE[AD]ER (93A: How to find what a creep is looking at?)
L[AD]IES FIRST (109A: Says "I didn't do it!" before fessing up?)
LEGAL [AD]VICE (115A: Cigarettes or booze?)

Other — ANNOUNCERS (23A. Workers in booths), BARDED (25D. Armored, as a horse), BE LIKE THAT (16D. “Well, fine“), DO NOT ENTER (3D. “Wrong way“), EDESSA (95D. Ancient Macedonian capital), ELUCIDATES (111A. Clarifies), LINTEL (96D. Stonehenge feature), MERINOS (56A. Fine wool sources), OOCYTES (71A. Eggs-to-be), RED SHOE (49A. Article of papal attire), ROYAL PAINS (69D. Major annoyances), TONY MARTIN (72D. Singer whose “I Get Ideas” was on the charts for 30 weeks), WARM TO (97A. Become fond of), ZLOTYS (61A. Polish capital).


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