11.23.14 — Surround Sound


Sunday, November 23, 2014

“Surround Sound” Puzzle by Patrick Berry 
Edited by Will Shortz

Seven phrases with similar sounding words within each phrase constitutes the interrelated group of this Sunday crossword:

RANDOM MEMORANDUM (23A. Office missive sent out arbitrarily?)
LUNAR BALLOONER (48A. Aeronaut who’s headed for the moon?)
ROTC PAPARAZZI (66A. Photographers who stalk future lieutenants?)
PEWTER COMPUTER (84A. Desktop machine made of malleable metal?)
MENTIONS DIMENSIONS (101A. Provides some idea of an object’s size?)
COLLIE MELANCHOLY (113A. Lassie’s affliction after failing to rescue Timmy?)

Other — ALPO (1A. Canned food you don’t eat), ASUNCION (37D. South American capital), BABEL (29A. What Gustave Dore’s “The Confusion of Tongues” depicts), EVIL EYE (17D. Glare), HERESY (24A. Excommunication provocation), KRUEGER (12D. Last name in horror), LOLLY (72A. One getting a licking, informally?), MALAWI (62D. Nyasaland, today), TENTACLE (38D. Arm of the sea), WHALER (74A. The Pequod, e.g.), WOMAN (14D. George Eliot, but not Marilyn Manson). 


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