11.14.14 — The Friday Crossword


Friday, November 14, 2014

Puzzle by Joe Krozel / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. APP Store (de but of 2008); 4. Space on a bookshelf?, SCI-FI; 9. Bush found in Florida, JEB; 12. “TOO funny!”; 13. Stray away, ROAM OFF; 15. Short coming?, ARR; 16. Boring thing, AWL; 17. Part of a bridge truss, END POST; 18. Apology opener, MEA; 19. 10th-century pope, LEO VIII; 21. War room topic, TACTICS; 23. “The Alphabet” artist, ERTÉ;  24. ALL BY itself; 26. Sponges, say, WETS; 27. Fly in the face of someone?, PEST; 29. Mau LOA (forever, in Hawaii); 30. It may have a high grain content, SILO; 31. B, for one, CAPITAL LETTER; 34. Bb, for one, MUSICAL NOTE; 35. Bb6, for one, CHESS MOVE; 36. Score at the half?, DECADE; 38. “You’ve got mail! And such, ALERTS; 41. Cry of innocence, NOT I; 42. Caesar’s force, VIS; 44. Notable 1979 exile, SHAH; 46. Invisible thing that’s inflatable, EGO; 47. They often succeed, PRINCES; 51. States on a game board, e.g.: Abbr., AVE; 52. Soap of a medical nature, GENERAL HOSPITAL; 55. Fancy invitation feature, RAISED LETTERING; 56. They might catch some rays, ORCAS; 57. Some 24/7 facilities, ERS; 58. Spanish for “basket”, CESTA.

Down — 1. “Ben-Hur: A TALE of the Christ”; 2. Basis of the Nintendo Wii’s, POWER PC; 3. It has four mounted players, POLO TEAM; 4. Gandhi who heads the Indian National Congress, SONIA; 5. Longtime luxury sedan, CADILLAC SEVILLE; 6. Sitter hitter, maybe, IMP; 7. Pat Patriot and Billy Buffalo, FOOTBALL MASCOTS; 8. Hypothetical example opener, IF SAY; 9. JAMIE LEE Curtis of the screen; 10. Player with Legos, for example, ERECTOR; 11. Authority figures, BRASS; 13. Big outdoor gear retailer, REI; 14. What might break people’s trust?: Abbr., FTC; 20. Discoverer of the Amazon’s mouth, VESPUCCI; 22. Giggles, TWITTERS; 25. “Copacabana” showgirl and others, LOLAS; 28. TISHA b’Av (annual Jewish fast day); 30. Place for a glowing element, STOVE; 32. 20-20, e.g., TIED; 33. Hydroxyl-bearing, ENOL; 36. Turned-over part of a leaf, DOG EAR; 37. Alternative to Avia, E-TONIC; 39. See 49-Down, THAT IS; 40. Wise one, SAVANT; 41. Opposite of blanco, NEGRO; 43. “IN HER Shoes” (2005 Cameron Diaz flm); 45. Frequent Wyeth model, HELGA; 47. One aboard Marine One: Abbr., PREZ; 48. “Wicked!”, RAD; 49. Id EST (39-Down); 50. Provide technical details for, SPEC; 53. Spanish demonstrative, ESA; 54. Burning feeling, IRE.


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