11.28.14 — Sale

Friday, November 28, 2014

Puzzle by Tracy Gray / Edited by Will Shortz

BLACK FRIDAY (56A. Time of annual madness … or a hint to four squares in this puzzle), and the four squares reading "SALE" constitutes the interrelated group of this Friday crossword:

JERU[SALE]M CROSS with [SALE]RNO (17A. Christian symbol used during the Crusades; 18D. Italian port on the Tyrrhenian Sea)
SPRING[S ALE]AK with NEW[S ALE]RT (10d. Cracks, as piping; 34A. Many an informative tweet)
RO[SALE]E PARKS with [SALE]MS LOT (30D. Mother of the Freedom Movement, to friends; 39A. Early Stephen King thriller)
ADAM[S ALE] with E[SALE] (50D. Water; 64A. Big Sur institute)

Other — ADMISSION (31D. What a ticket is good for), ASCETIC (52A. St. Francis of Assisi, for one), BARDOT (44A. “ … And God Created Woman” actress), CAPE COD (36A. New England architectural style), EILAT (43A. Gulf of Aqaba resort city), ERIC CARLE (11D. “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” author); HOT LICK (21A. Bit of electric guitar play), ROBOTS (63A. Some NASA designs), TEA KETTLE (12D. It whistles while it works), TESLA COIL (32D. Electrical transformer).


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