11.22.14 — The Saturday Crossword

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Puzzle by David Steinberg / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Dated agreement?, FO’ SHIZZLE; 10. Cognizes, KNOWS; 15. Comment to an unapologetic burper, say, EXCUSE YOU; 16. Cosmetics dye, EOSIN; 17. Hawk, WARMONGER; 18. Q preceder, SUSIE; 19. Fashion designer ELIE Saab; 20. Mexican couple, DOS; 21. Something locked in a cell?, GENOME; 22. Neuralgia : nerve :: costalgia : RIB; 23. Lightly towels off, PATS DRY; 25. Dickens pseudonym, BOZ; 26. Woman’s name that sounds like a repeated letter, CECE; 28. First name in design, EERO; 29. Turn off, maybe, MUTE; 30. School basics, facetiously, RRR; 32. Succeeded, REPLACED; 34. Donnybrook, FRACAS; 37. Moon named after the Green personification of terror, DEIMOS; 38. SALT signer, BREZHNEV; 40. Adèle, for one: Abbr., STE; 41. Page, e.g., AIDE; 42. Juice name starter, CRAN; 44. Letters at the top of a page, HTTP; 47. Brick, for example, RED; 48. Fictional locale of a John Wayne western, RIO LOBO; 50. Eagle’s place: Abbr., AFB; 52. Attacked verbally, SNIPED; 54. Something most Americans won’t take, for short, ESL; 55. Destiny’s Child, e.g., TRIO; 56. Olympian Moses, EDWIN; 57. iPhone competitor, DROID RAZR; 59. Uniform, ALIKE; 60. Where El Nuevo Herald is read, MIAMI AREA; 61. Classic sea adventure of 1846, TYPEE; 63. Straight man of old comedy, ZEPPO MARX.

Down — 1. “The FEWER the words, the better the prayer”: Martin Luther; 2. OXALIC add (bleach ingredient); 3. Old record keeper, SCRIBE; 4. “An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding” philosopher, HUME; 5. Film speed letters, ISO; 6. Castle town n a 1937 film, ZENDA; 7. Start of something big?, ZYGOTE; 8. “Hoop-Dee-Doo” lyricist, LOESSER; 9. USD alternative, EUR; 10. Writer n “The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, KESEY; 11. A follower?, NOUN; 12. Slow-cooked Italian dish, OSSO BUCO; 13. Handy things, WIIMOTES; 14. Exhibited stemutation, SNEEZED; 21. Feels (for), GROPES; 23. Lake catch, PERCH; 24. Stowe antislavery novel, DRED; 27. It’s temporarily hot, CRAZE; 29. David MAMET who wrote the screenplay for “The Verdict”; 31. Bad, and then some, RANCID; 33. Art purchase, LITHO; 34. Warm, FRIENDLY; 35. Grocery product with a multiply misspelled name, REDDI-WIP; 36. Hematology prefix, SERO; 38. Stool, typically, BAR SEAT; 39. Jarrett of the Obama White House, VALERIE; 43. “Ain’t happening!”, NO SOAP; 45. “Boom” preceder, TA-RA-RA; 45. Lipitor maker, PFIZER; 48. RENEE Taylor of “The Nanny”; 49. String bean’s opposite, BLIMP; 51. Product once pitched by Ronald Reagan, BORAX; 53. Lake catch, PIKE; 55. Disneyland sight, TRAM; 57. Part of a certain cease-fire agreement, for short, DMZ; 58. Roman divinity, DIO.


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