11.29.14 — The Saturday Crossword

Strawberry Fields by Nora Meyer


Saturday, November 29, 2014

Puzzle by Elizabeth C. Gorski / Edited by Will Shortz

Three 15-letter answers are the main feature of this perfectly agreeable Saturday crossword:

THREE-LETTER WORD (32A. Something not found in this puzzle’s answer)
I CAN’T SLEEP A WINK (4D. Insomniac’s lament)
WEEKEND WARRIORS (11D. They play hard on Saturday and Sunday)

Other across — 1. Likes a lot, ADMIRES; 8. It’s not to be believed, HOGWASH; 15. Ones clearing for takeoff?, DEICERS; 16. O.K., AGREE TO; 17.Like one of Brunel’s two main languages, MALAYAN; 18. Less experienced, GREENER; 19. It might give you a headache, ILLNESS; 20. Hunting party?, SEEKERS: 21. Boobs, TWITS; 22. Continental Congress delegate from Connecticut, DEANE; 23. Quads, e.g., SIBS; 24. Onetime host of CBS’s “The Morning Show”, PAAR; 28. “IN SO doing …”; 29. Alternative to quotes: Abbr., ITAL; 30. Cry at a revival, I’M SAVED; 37. She played Wallis Simpson in “The King’s Speech”, EVE BEST; 38. But, in Bonn, ABER; 39. Be a Debbie Downer, MOPE; 41. “King AROO” of old comics; 42. Height of fashion, RAGE; 43. Boxer who won 1980’s Brawl in Montreal, DURAN; 44. Grammy-nominated Franklin and others, ERMAS; 45. Giant with a big trunk, REDWOOD; 48. Flunkies, MENIALS; 50. “Let me repeat: Forget it!”, I SAID NO; 51. Historic residential hotel in Manhattan, ANSONIA; 52. Part of a 14-Down’s harness; blinder; 53. Putting away, STORING; 54. Registers, SINKS IN; 55. Spray on a dress, CORSAGE.

Down — 1. Comes clean, ADMITS IT; 2. Handle, DEAL WITH; 3. Small unit of atmospheric pressure, MILLIBAR; 5. Kings of Léon, REYES; 6. Noteworthy times, ERAS; 7. Payroll dept. info, SSNS; 8. Fairy tale figures, HAGS; 9. Fairy tale figure, OGRE; 10. Less likely to give, GREEDIER; 12. Principal lieutenant of Hector in the “Iliad”, AENEAS; 13. Portable heater, STERNO; 14. You can be on it, HORSE; 24. Mount, with “up”, PILE; 25. Formless life form, AMEBA; 26. Bloom in Robert Frost’s “A Late Walk”, ASTER; 27. Nickname in the Best Picture of 1969, RATSO; 31. Block from the White House, VETO; 33. They’re 50-50, EVEN ODDS; 34. Enthusiasm shown during a 2008 race, OBAMANIA; 35. Wining and dining, REGALING; 36. Olympic sport that includes passades and pirouettes, DRESSAGE; 39. Food whose name means “little purée”, MUESLI; 40. Transition to fatherhood, ORDAIN; 43. Tiny amounts, DRIBS; 44. Masks Confronting Death” painter, 1888, ENSOR; 46. No ONE I think is in my tree” (Strawberry Fields Forever” lyric); 47. Michael DORN who played Worf on “Star Trek: The Next Generation”; 48. Like Italian “bead,” e.g.: Abbr., MASC; 49. Inside opening, ENTO.


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