11.08.14 — Searchlight

Edison and his searchlight cart in 1915, from the Smithsonian


Saturday, November 8, 2014

Puzzle by Barry C. Silk / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Up-coming world phenomenon?, EARTHRISE; 10. Material for a float, BALSA; 15. Anthrax, potentially, BIO WEAPON; 18. Big name in old strings, AMATI; 17. Notable switcher from Democrat to Republican to Independent, BLOOMBERG; 18. Not ripped, SOBER; 19. Offensive observance?, TET; 20. Binder?, PACT; 21. Really into something, RAPT; 22. See 4-down, IRON; 24. It’s turned before bolting, TAIL; 26. Like emissions from some 40-Down, GAMMA; 27. Put out, DOUSE; 29. Life preserver?, CEREAL BOX; 31. Puts in, ENTERS, 33. Some notes, SOLS; 34. Adversaire’s opposite, AMI; 35. Aid in creating a part, COMB; 37. Phils’ rivals, NATS; 39. Setting for donors, briefly, ORS; 42. Pick, say, TOOL; 44. Allama Iqbal International Airport locale, LAHORE; 48. Searchlight in comics, BAT-SIGNAL; 51/ Searchlight element, XENON; 52. Number line, LYRIC; 53. 1914 Belgian battle line, YSER; 55. Searchlight element, BEAM; 56. Eisner’s successor at Disney, IGER; 57. Cause of temporary blindness, SNOW; 59. “Die Fledermaus” soprano, IDA; 60. A tiny bit strange?, QUARK; 62. Banking facilities?, POOL ROOMS; 64. Still to be attained, UNMET; 65. First-and-second track options, PERFECTAS; 66. “Sleepless n Seattle” quartet, ESSES; 6. Bureaucratic environmental regulations, GREENTAPE.

Down — 1. Cyclic recession, EBB TIDE; 2. Banking facilitator, ALERON; 3. Get rid of, ROOT OUT; 4. With 22-Across, obsolescent club, TWO; 5. Eco-chic clothing option, HEMP; 6. Capital across the river from its sister city Salé, RABAT; 7. Drug used in aversion therapy, IPECAC; 8. Assaults, SORTIES; 9. Like spender and Spenser: Abbr.; ENG; 10. Relief may follow it, BAS; 11. Libertine, AMORAL; 12. Song whose title follows “Para bailar”, LA BAMBA; 13. Harry and Wills acquired one in 2005, STEP MOM; 14. Puddle-jumper, AIR TAXI; 23. Minute minute, NSEC; 26. Author L RON Hubbard; 26. Pump add-on, GAS TAX; 28. Hot, EROTIC; 30. Literally “skyward”, EL AL; 32. Blanket produced in Mexico City, SMOG; 36. Too thin, BONY; 38. Woolley of “Rawhide”, SHEB; 39. Like some references, OBLIQUE; 40. Futuristic fryers; RAY GUNS; 41. Goes with the flow?, STREAMS; 43. One pulling a calf, say, LASSOER; 45. A tiny bit, ONE IOTA; 46. Detailed plan, ROAD MAP; 47. How bands move, EN MASSE; 49. Bob may follow it, SIRREE; 50. “Sainted maiden” of literature, LENORE; 54. Jamestown colonist, ROLFE; 58. Cousin of a gnatcatcher, WREN; 61. Some chessmen: Abbr., KTS; 62. N.B.A. scoring stat, PPG; 63. Alternative to 10, OCT.


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