11.12.14 — Broken Record

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Puzzle by Daniel Landman / Edited by Will Shortz

Of no assistance in the solution of the puzzle, but interesting nonetheless, BROKEN RECORD (37A. With 40-Across, repeat offender? … or something found, literally, n four rows in this puzzle) and four across lines of answers containing the broken up word RECORD constitutes the interrelated group of this agreeable Wednesday crossword:

GRANDMERE / CORDS (17A. Nanette’s nana; 19A. Parachute parts)
EIRE / COR / DESERT (24A. Geographical name that’s another geographical name backward; 25A. One of two N.T. books; 26A. Leave in a lurch)
RACIER / ECO  RDAS (53A. Less Likely to be G-rated; 55A. Car starter; 57A. Vitamin amts.)
PEREC / ORDAINING (62A. Georges who wrote “Life: A User’s Manual”; 64A. Making a father of)

Other — BAT AN EYE (37D. React, just barely); CHEERIO (44D. “Ta-ta!“); EDUCED and ELICIT (22D. Drew out; 27D. Draw out); HORSE CAR (11D. Transportation in Disneyland’s Man Street, U.S.A.); OSAGES (52D. Plains Indians); ROD CAREW (38D. Baseball Hall-of-Famer mistakenly listed in “The Chanukah Song” as a Jew); TURN RED (7D. Flush).


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