11.16.14 — Don't Quit Your Day Job

Max Schreck as the Count in “Nosferatu”
based on Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”


Sunday, November 16, 2014

“Don’t Quit Your Day Job”  Puzzle by Andrew J. Ries
Edited by Will Shortz

The last names of eight notable personages twisted by the clue to each provides humorous results in this friendly Sunday crossword:

WILLIAM HURT (23A. Oscar winner who would make a lousy anesthesiologist?)
JOHNNY ROTTEN (33A. Punk rocker who would make a lousy grocer?)
BRAM STOKER (39A. Horror author who would make a lousy firefighter?)
NICOLAS CAGE (57A. Action star who would make a lousy free-range farmer?)
GEORGE BURNS (76A. Bygone comic who would make a lousy baker?)
BOBBY SHORT (90A. Cabaret pianist who would make a lousy electrician?)
GLORIA ALLRED (97A. Lawyer who would make a lousy anti-Communist leader?)
STEVIE NICKS (112A. Singer who would make a lousy mohel?)

Other — ARE WE DONE (41D. “Can I leave now?“); AROMA (26D. Drifter outside a coffee shop?); ATTENDEES (27A. Who’s there?); BAUXITE (91D. Main source of aluminum); BUG ZAPPER (77D. Barbecue fryer?), CHIME IN ON (29D. Add one’s two cents about); EX-HIPPIES (80D. Many boomers, now), FAT AS A PIG (110A. More than plump); GRAD PHOTO (46D. Yearbook feature); HAPPY MEAL (12D. Toy holder); IN A CAST (51D. Immobilized, as one’s arm); OAXACA (93D. Neighbor of Chiapas); SELECTMAN (4D. New England town official); SHOELAST (59D. Cobbler’s aid); SNEES (86A. Blades that sound like an allergic reaction); SPIN A YARN (63D. Fabulize).


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