11.19.14 — No — Two Ways About It

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Puzzle by Jacob Stulberg / Edited by Will Shortz

THERE’S NO TWO / WAYS ABOUT IT (18A. With 64-Across, words of certainty … or a hint to 23-, 40- and 56-Across), along with three answers beginning with NO and ending with ON, e.g., NORA EPHRON (23A. “Silkwood“ screenwriter), NON-PRESCRIPTION (40A. Like Advil vis-à-vis Vicodin) and NOMINATION (58A. Convention outcome) constitutes the interrelated group of this Wednesday crossword.

Other — CALIPH (21D. Self-proclaimed leader of ISIS, e.g.), ELYSE (54D. “Family Ties” mother), EMIGRANT (22A. One headed for Ellis Island, say), HOT TEA (4D. Cold sufferer’s drink), KOMODO dragon (huge lizard), MAURA Tierney of “ER”, OKLAHOMA (61A. Where the Joads were driven from), PRIE-dieu, TNT (30D. Discharge letters?), UKASE (53D. Czar’s edict).


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