11.15.14 — Eureka!

Archimedes then took to the streets naked, so excited by his discovery that he had forgotten to dress, crying "Eureka!" (Greek: "εὕρηκα!," meaning "I have found it!"). ~ Wikipedia 


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Puzzle by Peter Wentz / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. “Eureka!”, SO THAT’S IT; 10. Home tech product discontinued in 1987, IBM PC; 15. Pants extender?, KNEE PATCH; 16. Request for a hero, NO OIL; 17. Source of inspiration for Sir Isaac Newton, famously, APPLE TREE; 18. Locked up, FROZE; 19. Drudges, TOILS; 20. “Illness” affecting the wealthy, AFFLUENZA; 22. What a gate change might affect: Abbr., ETD; 23. Join in the attack, PILE ON; 24. Washed out, WAN; 25. Nereus, Proteus, Glaucus and Phorcys, to the ancient Greeks, SEA GODS; 27. A little night music, TAPS; 28. “Can this be?!”, WHAT THE; 30. “Y” athlete, YALIE; 31. Speeding, TOO FAST; 32. Hit, CLOCKED; 34. “The Painter of Sunflowers” setting, ARLES; 35. “That’s terrible!”, BOO HISS; 36. Classic Jaguars, XKES; 37. Who said “Genuine poetry can communicate before it is understood”, T S ELIOT; 39. Life force, in meditation, CHI; 40. Chops meat, MUTTON; 41. Terrain maker, GMC; 44. Animal with a sweet tooth, HONEY BEAR; 46. First video game character to be honored with a figure in the Hollywood Wax Museum, MARIO; 48. Make a bank withdrawal?, ERODE; 49. Author who was the title subject of the Best Picture of 1937, EMILE ZOLA; 51. Grant presenter?, ASNER; 52. Endgame, LAST MOVES; 53. Freezing temps, TEENS; 54. Social butterfly, e.g., EXTROVERT.

Down — 1. Emulate a King or Senator, SKATE: 2. High, in a way, ON POT; 3. Muted, TEPID; 4. “A half-filled auditorium,” to Frost, HELL; 5. Some early astronauts, APES; 6. Gang symbol, for short, TAT; 7. Plain-spoken, STRAIGHT; 8. Something fallen off a shelf?, ICE FLOE; 9. Market leader, THE FED; 10. Not seriously, IN FUN; 11. Hollow out, BORE; 12. Excursions for some rock collectors?, MOON WALKS; 13. Certain party deliveries, PIZZA PIES; 14. Did a week-long juice diet, say, CLEANSED; 21. LOS Polos Hermanos (“Breaking Bad” restaurant); 23. Some dog rewards, PATS; 25. Good ones are never cracked, SAFES; 26. HHH, ETAS; 27. Silent, TACIT; 28. Tireless sort, WORK HORSE; 29. Ace, HOLE IN ONE; 30. High-seas cry, YO HO; 31. Al Capone, famously, TAX CHEAT; 32. One doing the highlights?, COLORIST; 33. Cut off the back, LOIN; 35. Loser in a 1970s-’80s “war”, BETAMAX; 37. Sight in an ice cream shop, TUB; 38. Literary contemporary of Addison, STEELE; 40. Bristol’s partner in pharmaceuticals, MYERS; 41. Place for a 17-Across, GROVE; 43. Meet someone?, MILER; 43. Put in minimal effort, COAST; 45. Locale painted in the Sistine Chapel, EDEN; 46. Note, MEMO; 47. Eastern Europe’s Sea of AZOV; 50. Printer setting: Abbr., LTR.


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