11.02.14 — BP Station

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Puzzle by Brendan Emmett Quigley / Edited by Will Shortz

Exchanging "B" for "P" in eight phrases constitutes the main feature of this fairly agreeable Sunday crossword:

PLAQUE ART (23A. Engraving on an award?), black art
SECRET PALATE (29A. Food critic’s love of fast food, maybe?), secret ballot
CHRISTIAN PAIL (48A. Collector of offerings at a revival?), Christian Bale
PERTH CANAL (55A. Waterway of Western Australia?), birth canal
THAT’S MY POI (79A. Admonishment to someone eating off your plate at a Polynesian restaurant?), “That’s my boy!”
THE THREE PAIRS (85A. What’s promising about a K-K-Q-Q-J-J-7 rummy hand?), The Three Bears
PLAYS OF GLORY (108A. Buzzer beaters and game-winning catches?), blaze of glory
PERCH PIER (118A. Place to reel in some freshwater game fish?), birch beer

Other — AIR-POP (51D. Cook without oil, as some corn), ALINER (59D. Big name in campers), BORZOI (7D. Hunting dog), CLOISTER (96A. Brother‘s home), C W POST (1D. Breakfast cereal pioneer), GIRL-SHY (15D. Afraid to ask for a dance, maybe), HAUNCH (49D. Horse‘s hindquarter), HEMLINE (90D. End of a shift?), HENIE (95A. Skater on the Hollywood Walk of Fame), “I CAN’T SEE!” (39A “Down in front!”), LYCEES (60D. Schools after colleges), MIRABEL (63A. Montreal airport), NEPTUNE (17D. Astronomical body after which element #93 is named), PLANETS (69A. Subject of the mnemonic “My very eager mother just served us nachos), SLOSH (32D. Not get carried evenly, say), TINY TOT (92D. Toddler).


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