11.03.14 — CO 2

Carbon dioxide is an important greenhouse gas and burning of carbon-based fuels since the industrial revolution has rapidly increased its concentration in the atmosphere, leading to global warming. It is also a major source of ocean acidification since it dissolves in water to form carbonic acid.  ~ Wikipedia 


Monday, November 3, 2014

Puzzle by Janet R. Bender / Edited by Will Shortz

Two-word phrases with words beginning “CO” constitutes the interrelated group of this perspicacious Monday crossword:

COMPASS COURSE (20A. Ship heading)
COLBY COLLEGE (27A. Liberal arts school in Waterville, Me.)
COLOR COPYING (49A. Service at Staples or FedEx Office)
COUNTRY COUSIN (58A. Person  in overalls sucking a piece of straw, stereotypically)

Other — CANCELLED (3D. No longer on the air), DON’T ASK (45D. Exasperated response to “How was your day?“), INDIGNANT (35D. Highly offended), SARONGS (9D. Polynesian wraps), TY COBB and Willie MAYS (4D. Baseball great known as “The Georgia Peach“; 21D. Baseball great Willie), YOICKS (52D. Bygone cry of high spirits).


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