01.31.15 — Words


Saturday, January 31, 2015

Puzzle by Tim Croce / Edited by Will Shortz

Of interest — ARUGULA (2D. Plant called “rocket“ outside the U.S.), BODY TYPE (36D. General figure), CARL’S JR (1A. thick burger seller), CAT CHOW (54A. Himalayan food, maybe), EM SPACE (64A. It’s measured in points), GUY LINER (33A. Part of a goth dude‘s look), HEARTHS (8A. Some gathering spots), HOOK ME UP (8D. “I’d like some of that, bro”), HOT ITEM (39D. It’s in high demand), HUMOR ME (13D. “Try it … that’s all I ask”), ME LIKEY (20A. “I can go for this!”), MIA / CARA (54D. With 53-Across, Italian sugar), NORSK (45A. Like Grieg, to Grieg), NUT CAKE (17A. Alternative to a babka), OH BOO-HOO (38A. “Puh-leeze, save the tears”), OMER (55D. Post-Passover period), ONE MILE (38D. 80 chains or 8,000 links), ORDER UP (16A. Officially request), SPELLER (14D. Person breaking his word?), TRISTAN (12D His servant is Kunwenal, in opera), YES BOSS (24D. Minon’s reply).


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