04.15.15 — Bilateral Symmetry

Wednesday, April 15, 2015 — Tax Day 

Puzzle by Joel Fagliano / Edited by Will Shortz

BILATERAL / SYMMETRY (44A. With 46-Across, feature of the answers to this puzzle’s six starred clues, in a sense), TAJ MAHAL (24A. Landmark that exhibits 44-/46-Across) and BUTTERFLY (28A. Insect that exhibits 44-/46-Across), along with the following constitutes the main feature of this attractive Wednesday crossword:

ALL Y’ALL (14A. *Southern pronoun)
MADE MAD (15A. *Angered)
GIORGIO (16A. * Designer Armani)
ILL WILL (59A. *Animus)
DINED IN (62A. *Enjoyed home cooking)
DO-SI-DOS (63A. *Square dance moves)

Other — BAD SPOT (39A. Predicament), CHALUPA (56A. Taco Bell offering), EARWIG (45D. Insect with pincers), ENDGAME (65A. King vs. king-and-pawn situation), GIRD UP (19A. Encircle with a belt)HELMSLEY (38D. Businesswoman with the nickname Queen of Mean), J AND J (8D. Tylenol producer, for short), JOLIET (8A. Illinois city about 40 miles SW of Chicago), LEOPARDS (10D. Antelope stalker), SPAYER (Vet, at times), UM OKAY (29D. “So  guess that‘s a thing now“), .


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