04.26.15 — Which Is Wish

Sunday, April 26, 2015

“Which Is Wish” — Puzzle by Patrick Berry
Edited by Will Shortz

The sound of CH or TCH becomes SH with justifying clues and some spelling changes in this ho-hum Sunday crossword:

LAST DISH EFFORT (23A. Valiant attempt to finish off a seven-course meal?)
LAWN SHARES (30A. What an investor in golf courses might buy?)
SHEEP THRILLS (36A. Grazing in a meadow and jumping fences, for two?)
YOU BETTER WASH OUT (48A. “Be sure to lose!”?)
MIX AND MASH (64A. Two blender settings?)
KARATE SHOP (68A. Dojo Mart, e.g.?)
MUSH TO MY SURPRISE (82A. What I unexpectedly had for breakfast?)
MARSH MADNESS (92A. Swamp fever?)
POKER SHIPS (100A. Floating casinos?)
SHEAF INSPECTOR (112A. Reviewer of the paperwork?)

Other — BED SHEETS (6D. Sleep on it), DAMON (121A. Vic with the 1949 #1 hit “You’re Breaking My Heart”), GULPED (22A. Wordlessly indicated “uh-oh”), KEY CASES (45D. Ring alternatives), OP ARTIST (52D. Painter of illusions), REAR-ENDS (85D. Hits back?).


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