04.25.15 — The Saturday Crossword

2001: A Space Odyssey


Saturday, April 25, 2015

Puzzle by James Mulhern / Edited by Will Shortz

Of interest — CHOCOLAT (42A. 2000 film set in France that was nominated for five Academy Awards); THE DOORS (15A. 1960s-’70s band that took its name from an Aldous Huxley title); DOUBT (55D. “The beacon of the wise,“ per Shakespeare); END NOTES (12D. Notable features of David Foster Wallace books); FOODIE (18A. Gourmet);Henry FONDA and Henry VIII; LIGETI (62A: Composer György whose music was featured in Kubrick films); PETE ROSE (69A. 17-time All-Star of the 1960s-‘80s); REDDIT (3D. Website with “Ask Me Anything” interviews); RSTLNE (51D. Bonus round freebies on “Wheel of Fortune”); SCAPULAR (37D. Religious garment suspended from the shoulders); SKRILLEX (1A. Leader n electronic music with multiple Grammys); STRATEGO (35A. Capture-the-flag game); VONNEGUT (39D. Author who created the fatalistic optometrist Billy Pilgrim); YOUR CALL (64A. “It’s not my place to decide”); XS AND OS (8D Chalk talk symbols).


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