04.07.15 — OUGH

Cyd Charisse


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Puzzle by David J. Lieb / Edited by Will Shortz

“A rough-coated dough-faced ploughman named McCullough strode through the streets of Scarborough, coughing and hiccoughing thoughtfully.” (nine different pronunciations of OUGH in English in one  sentence “ (Grammarly Words Fact),  Included in this Tuesday crossword are five of the sounds:

COUGH MEDICINE (20A. Robitussin or Vicks product)
DOUGHNUT HOLE (28A. Petite sweet treat)
TOUGH ON CRIME (43A. Advocating long sentences, say)
PLOUGH THROUGH  (52A. Complete without a break, as a labour)

Other — ANO NUEVO (37D. Spanish New Year), BEDEVILED (18A. Gave fits), Dancer CYD Charisse, Anita EKBERG of "La Dolce Vita," MALE MODEL (11D. Many an Abercrombie & Fitch employee), NANOGRAM (38D. One-trillionth of a kilo), PIE CRUST (9D. Edible shell), RADIANTS (8D. Sources of heat or light), RAMOS (32D. Aquino’s successor in the Philippines), SNICKER AT (57A. Find childishly amusing, say).

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