04.09.15 — Who's on First?

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Puzzle by Jacob Stulberg

The Who’s on First? routine by Abbott and Costello is the main feature of this Thursday crossword:
  • BASES (63A. Cotents of three squares in this puzzle, per an old comedy routine)
  • THE BOY [WHO] CRIED WOLF along with HEAD [FIRST] (23A. One of Aesop’s fables; 5D. How most babies come out)
  • “GUESS [WHAT]” with LEAP [SECOND] (38A. Lead-in to some surprising news; 22D. Tiny adjustment to an atomic clock)
  • TELL ME SOMETHING [I DON’T KNOW] with [THIRD] RAIL (46A. “Well, obviously”; 52D. Subway power source)
Other — BLUE-PENCIL (34A. Edit), ESSEX (49D. Clacton-on-Sea’s county), LEGIONARY (35D. Roman soldier), Frank LLOYD, two-time Best director Oscar winner, OMNI (44A. Prefix with science), PETE ROUSE (7D. White House chief of staff after Rahm Emanuel), SAUL (65A. For whom David played the harp), STEED (45D. General transportation?). 


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