04.18.15 — The Saturday Crossword

“I Robot” cover illustration, Bantam Books


Saturday, April 18, 2015

Puzzle by Damon J Kaczynski / Edited by Will Shortz

Of interest — BELIEVE YOU ME (20A. “… and that’s no joke!”); Graham CRACKOS (old Kellogg’s cereal); DIRK DIGGLER (24D. “Boogie Nights” persona played by Mark Walberg); ELEANOR RIGBY (54A. Beatles song in which no Beatle plays an instrument); ETYMON (50A. Linguistic root); FIREPLACE and LOG (10D. With 12-Down, poker target);  ICE-COLD BEVERAGE (17A. Refreshment on a scorching hot day); I ROBOT (44A. Classic 1950 book with the line “It’s your fiction that interests me.  Your studies of the interplay of human motives and emotion”); OEDIPAL (18D. Like some unhealthy attachments); OH COME NOW (32D. “Puh-lease!”); OKEYLY-DOKELY (3D. All right, to 42-Across); ORRERY (46D. Model in a science class); PANTERA (34D. Metal band with the 1994 #1 album “Far Beyond Driven”); SOUNDS LIKE A PLAN (57A “Yes, let’s!”); TEA PARTY (33A. It runs to the right); THE CLASH (40A.Their 1982 album “Combat Rock“ went double-platinum).


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