04.21.15 — S and AEIOU

Georges Seurat, 1889-90, Le Chahut, 
Kröller-Müller Museum, Otterlo, Netherlands


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Puzzle by Gerry Wildenberg / Edited by Will Shortz

Two-word alliterative vowel progression of SA, SE, SI, SO and SU constitutes the main feature of this friendly Tuesday crossword: 

SATURDAY SABBATH (17A. Jewish observance)
SESAME SEED (22A. Hamburger bun topper)
SIMPLE SIMON (33A. Nursery rhyme character “going to the fair”)
SOLID SOUTH (49A.Voting block from Reconstruction to the 1960s)
SURGE SUPPRESSOR (55A. Power strip part)

Other — ARTISTES, MUSEE and SEURAT (3D. Cézanne et 4-Verticale; 61A.Where works of 3-Down may be seen; 4D. Painter Georges), CASHIER (42A. Tender person?), CLAMOR (31A. Lots of noise), LEAN IN (10D. 2013 best seller subtitled “Women, Work and the Will to Lead”), MOTT ST (27A. Big Apple thoroughfare named in Rodgers and Hart’s “Manhattan”), N.L.F. Hall-of-Famer Bronko NAGURSKI; OCHRES (12D. Earth tones), Alley OOP, TOES IN (47D. Is out of alignment, as a car wheel).


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