04.22.15 — Pair of Cards


Wednesday, April 22, 2015   Earth Day 

Puzzle by Alex Vratsanos and Sam Ezersky
Edited by Will Shortz

PAIR OF CARDS (56A. Some poker holdings … or a hint to 20-, 24-, 30- 41- and 42-Across) and CARD following both words of five entries constitutes the interrelated group of this mild Wednesday crossword:

CREDIT REPORT (20A.Equifax offering)
HOLE PUNCH (24A. Three-ring binder user’s gadget)
NAME CALLING (30A. Some childish insults)
TRADING POST (41A. Place to deal in fur, once)
HIGH SCORE (52A. Arcade achievement)

Other — BIG PAPI (40D. Baseball’s David Ortiz, to fans), DOROTHY (43D. “Over the Rainbow” singer), EYE-ROLL (7D. “Oh, puh-leeze!” facial expression), ICE-FREE (44D. Navigable in winter, say), OSH (13D. Kyrgyzstan city), SMASH-UP (46D. Major wreck), THE COPA (2D. Hangout in a Barry Manilow hit), VIP ROOM (3D. Celeb’s hangout).


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