04.27.15 — Speechless

Hades Abducting Persephone 18th Century, 


Monday, April 27, 2015

Puzzle by Johanna Fenimore / Edited by Will Shortz

"Left speechless" is the clue for five answers in this Monday crossword:

BLEW / AWAY (1A. With 66-Across, left speechless)
DUMBSTRUCK (16A. Left speechless)
KICKED IN THE HEAD (25A. Left speechless)
KNOCKED FOR A LOOP (43A. Left speechless)
GOB SMACKED (58A. Left speechless)

Other — CAESAR (44D. Roman ruler who said “The die is cast”), DO-RE-MI (5D. Start of the musical scale), GREEK GOD (37D. Hermes or Hades), HECK YES (21A. “You betcha!”), HERA and HERD (55D Wife of Zeus’63A. Group of buffalo),  HOOKAH (9D. Hashish pipe), KNACK (25D. Talent), ONE SEC (45D. “Hold on …!”)


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