04.01.15 — Prankster


Wednesday, April 1, 2015 — April Fools' Day 

Puzzle by Sharon Delorme / Edited by Will Shortz

PRANKSTER (62A. [Speaker of the clues for 18-, 24-, 38- and 51-Across]), JOY BUZZER (18A. “Put ‘er there, pal!”), DRIBBLE GLASS (21A. “Here, have a drink”), SQUIRTING FLOWER (38A. “Smell my corsage”) and TRICK CANDLES (51A. “Happy birthday! Make a wish and blow”) constitute the interrelated group of this April Fools' Day crossword puzzle.

Other — COBWEB (9D. Sign of disuse), ESAU (32A. Kate’s kisser in a classic tongue twister), GAG ORDER (5D. Silencer), LOVE/HATE (42D. Kind of relationship), SO BIG (1A. 1925 Pulitzer Prize winner for Edna Ferber), RIVIERA (49A. Region off the Côte d'Azur), STIEG (17A. Larsson who wrote “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”)


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