04.12.15 — Look What Turned Up

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Puzzle by Jeff Chen / Edited by Will Shortz

Answers completed by making an upward turn at the tail-end of the entry constitutes the main feature of this humdrum Sunday crossword:

WISH YOU WERE H (2D. Postcard message), e.g., Wish you were h[ere] 
GLUTEN-FREE B (5D. Beverage brewed without barley or wheat), b[eer]
REACHES LEGAL (11D. Becomes an adult), [age]
ON A SCALE FROM ONE TO (22D. How things may be rated), [ten]
TAKES THE TOPS  (5D. Wins), [pot]
DO EXACTLY AS I (63D. “Follow my command!”), [say]
NOW WHERE WER (70D. “What was I talking about before?“), [we]

Other — BAT PHONE (4D. Line in Gotham), DOG STAR (49D. Bright spot?), ECOTAGE (104A. Environmental terrorism), FARM BOY (74A. Young Clark Kent, e.g.), FIBULA (74D. Bone whose name means “clasp” in Latin), GUT BOMBS (21A. Hard-to-digest food items, in slang), HAS AT (20A. Rolls up the sleeves and begins), ICE CANOE (84D. Winter race vehicle), MISSIONS (10D. Mercury had 28 of them). SAWYER (45A. Finn’s friend), TEA PARTY (15D. Sons of Liberty gathering).


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