04.20.15 — Ladies First

Romeo and Juliet, 1809, Hugues Merle


Monday, April 20, 2015

Puzzle by Tom McCoy / Edited by Will Shortz

LADIES FIRST (59A. Chivalrous rule obeyed in this puzzle), along with reversing the order of the names of four familiar male and female couples constitutes the main feature of this Monday crossword:

JANE AND DICK (17A. Classic learning-to-read stories)
MARY AND WILLIAM (23A. Virginia university)
GRETEL AND HANSEL (37A. Grimm fairy tale)
JULIET AND ROMEO (52A. Shakespeare play)

Other — BUNYAN (12D. Tall Paul); “DOWNTON Abbey”; GAH (57A. Cry of frustration); IDAHO (28D. Boise’s state); Pie à la MODE; OIL (48D. What the “O” in OPEC does not stand for, surprisingly); “Mr. Jock, TV quiz PH D, bags few lynx” (classic pangram); OJIBWA (45D. Tribe traditionally living around Lake Superior); SNAP ON (72A. Affix with a click); STEAMS (13D. Prepares in a wok, as vegetables); TSK TSK (1A. “You should know better!”).


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