04.23.15 — Literally

Reptiles, 1943, M. C. Escher


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Puzzle by David Steinberg and Bruce Leban
Edited by Will Shortz

A quip about wordplay, YOU CAN’T TELL PUNS / TO KLEPTOMANIACS / BECAUSE THEY TAKE / THINGS LITERALLY, is the main feature of this Thursday crossword:

Other — ALUMNA (11D. Graduate of Mount Holyoke, e.g.), CELLMATE and SLAMMER (9D. 5-Down cohabitant; 5D. Pen), CIMINO (46D. Michael who directed “The Deer Hunter”), ENAMELER (38D. Cloisonné artisan), ESCHER (43D. Tessellating artist), HEINE (35A. “Die Lorelei” poet), HE’S SO SHY (33D. 1980 hit with the lyric “That sweet little boy who caught my eye”), LAKE / ERIE (39D. With 48-Down, setting for Toledo), MAUNA KEA (3D. Highest Hawaiian peak), MODISTE (26D. Couturier), MORNAY (27A. Sauce made with roux, milk and cheese), SYNERGY (43D. Hoped-for collaboration result),  ZANTAC (12D. Tagamet competitor).


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