04.19.15 — Double Down

“Titanic” prior to launch…


Sunday, April 19, 2015

“Double Down” Puzzle by Don Gagliardo and Zhouqin Burnikel
Edited by Will Shortz

Eight squares containing two letters each play double duty in this Sunday crossword:
  • DIRT[Y L]INEN and PAY PAL (22A. Private things that are embarrassing; 5D. One way to complete an online purchase)
  • HEAR[T-W]ARMING and NOT NOW (23A. Moving in a nice way; 12D. Later)
  • GOO[D-N]ATURED and MADMAN (57A. Friendly; 46D. Lunatic)
  • FINA[L N]OTICE and KAL-KAN (59A. Warning just before a cutoff of service; 50D. Big brand of dog food)
  • LAUNC[H P]ARTY and HOT POT (80A.Celebratory event for a new company or product; 82D. Asian stew often eaten with a dipping sauce)
  • EVENIN[G S]TAR and GET SET (83A. Venus; 85D. “Go” preceder)
  • STATIO[N W]AGON and NITWIT (119A. Plus-size model?; 120D. Dunderhead)
  • PAPE[R T]RAIL and RAGTAG (121A. Hard evidence a lawyer follows; 122D. Motley)
Other — BAA BAA (97A. “Ewe two?“) EATS ALONE (18A. Requests a table for one, say), FREE-RANGE (26A. Not caged), HOMO ERECTUS (14D. Old man?), IMPORT QUOTA (36D. Certain trade barrier), INSINUATION (42D. Sly suggestion), PRESS-UP (69A. Bit of exercise, in Britain), RE-SANDS and RE-SEEDS; RUNNING A TAB (67D. Drinking now, paying later), TACO SALAD (112A. Order at a Mexican grill), TANTARA (93D. Bit of fanfare], THIGH (13A. Mini revelation?), WHAT AM I (20D. Question ending a riddle).


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