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Chris Rock


Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Puzzle by Susan Gelfand / Edited by Will Shortz

Five surnames of well-known individuals double as the first word of two-word phrases in this Tuesday crossword:

ROCK GARDENS (17A. Comedian cultivates flowers?), Chris Rock 
POUND SIGNS (23A. Poet inks a contract?), Ezra Pound 
PRICE TAGS (33A. Opera singer scrawls graffiti?), Leontyne Price  
FIELD TRIPS (48A. Actress stumbles?), Sally Field 
BACON STRIPS (53A. Philosopher removes his clothes?), Francis Bacon 

Other — ABALONE (2D. Ornamental shell source); ANSWERS (12D. They cross in a crossword); BRAVADO (37D. Impressive show of courage); GAZELLE (25D. Graceful antelope); Singer Josh GROBAN whose self-titled 2001 debut album went 4x platinum; PIG and RATS (29D. Squealer; 47A. Squealers); SNIPPETS (20D. Tiny excerpts); Assassin John WILKES Booth.


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