07.11.10 — As Elmer Fudd Would Say...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

AS ELMER FUDD WOULD SAY…, Puzzle by Ed Sessa, edited by Will Shortz

Mispronunciation of the letter R as W, for which Elmer Fudd of Looney Tunes gained fame, is instrumental in changing eight standard phrases — “So shall ye reap,” towel racks, “The Life of Riley,” Nader’s Raiders, thin as a rail, gargle and rinse, filthy rich, take a big risk — with amusing results and justifying clues.

SO SHALL YE WEEP (23. Part of a biblical warning against growing onions?)
TOWEL WHACKS (30. Some locker room tomfoolery?)
THE LIFE OF WILEE (40. Bio for a Looney Tunes coyote?)
NADERS WADERS (56. Politico Ralph’s fishing gear?)
THIN AS A WHALE (68. Pretty fat, actually?)
GARGLE AND WINCE (80. React to a bitter mouthwash?)
FILTHY WITCH (94. Sloven in the coven?)
TAKE A BIG WHISK (102. Advice to someone going to the Egg-Beaters’ Convention?)

Other across — 1. House extension, CARPORT; 8. Deadly African biter, MAMBA; 13. Container holding slips of paper with tasks written on them, JOB JAR; 18. Like a bogey or double bogey, OVER PAR; 20. Commonplace, USUAL; 21. “Shouldn’t have done that!”, BAD MOVE; 22. “Amahl and the Night Visitors” composer, MENOTTI; 25. Garden with an apple tree, EDEN; 28. Livens (up), SPICES; 28. Ages upon ages, EONS; 29. French wine classification, CRU; 33. See, DATE; 34. What a mare bears, FOAL; 35. Turn-ONS; 36. Jerusalem’s Mosque of OMAR; 37. Letters, POST; 38. Arduous travels, SLOGS; 39. Down, SAD; 45. Bakery trayfuls, say, DOZENS; 48. Philosophy, BELIEFS; 49. Cartesian conclusion, I AM; 50. O RARE Ben Johnson!”; 51. Radio features, DIALS; 52. OPEC unit: Abbr., BBL; 53. Closet item, in brief, VAC; 60. Light of one’s life, TRUE LOVE; 62 Lots, A TON; 63. Georgetown hoopster, HOYA; 64. The EVIL One (sobriquet for Satan); 65. Buck, CLAM; 66. Razed, TORE DOWN; 72. Victorian ERA; 73. Sounds at a vaccination center, maybe, OWS; 74. Garb for Gandhi, DHOTI; 75. First Baseball Hall-of-Famer, alphabetically, AARON; 76. Intent, AIM; 77. Tabriz native, IRANIAN; 79. Marco Polo’s destination, ORIENT; 84. Big hirer of techies, IBM; 86. Mae West’s “EVERY Day’s a Holiday”; 86. 2003 disease scare, SARS; 87. Battle of Normandy town, ST LO; 89. Egg container, of sorts, SAC; 92. PBS staple since 1974, NOVA; 93. Barney of Mayberry, FIFE; 96. Author Umberto, ECO; 99. Timbales player Puente, TITO; 100. Loose smock, CAMISE; 101. ‘33 Chicago World’s Fair style, DECO; 105. Blanket, LIE OVER; 108. Thinks, IDEATES; 109. Reduce to mush, PUREE; 110. Traditional, OLD LINE; 111. Spotlight sharer, CO-STAR; 112. Assists, ABETS; 113. Some dollhouse miniatures, TEA SETS.

Down — 1. Recover from a blackout, COME TO; 2. Photographer Richard AVEDON; 3. Gets more InStyle, say, RENEWS; Lying, PRONE; 5. Make a choice, OPT; 6. Singer, RAT; 7. Singer Yearwood, TRISHA; 8. Singer’s accompaniment, MUSIC; 9. “Put A SOCK in it!”; 10. Nine daughters of Zeus, MUSES; 11. Curmudgeonly cries, BAHS; 12. ALA king; 13. Actress Meadows, JAYNE; 14. ODES of Solomon; 15. Maker of the Z4 roadster, BMW; 18. Snoopy’s hip alter ego, JOE COOL; 17. So-so, AVERAGE; 18. Turn off, REPULSE; 21. Totally wasted, BLOTTO; 24. Things letters have, LEASES; 27. Added-on Medicare provisions, PART B; 31. Courtesy car, LOANER; 32. Saddam reportedly had them, briefly, WMDS; 33. Tips, in a way, DOFFS; 34. FLIM-flam; 37. Beer brand originating in Brooklyn, PIELS; 38. Marshy tract, SWALE; 39. Collected, SERENE; 41. Gossipy Hopper, HEDDA; 42. Nobel laureate Wiesel, ELIE; 43. Stereotypical debate outburst, LIAR; 44. Calf bone, FIBULA; 45. Be philanthropic, DONATE; 46. Clay, e.g., ORATOR; 47. Golden Globe winner Pia ZADORA; 52. Rite for a newborn Jewish boy, BRIS; 53. 1958 #1 hit by Domenico Modugno, VOLARE; 54. King Arthur’s burial place, AVALON; 55. Solidify, CEMENT; 57. “Prove it!”, SHOW ME; 58. “The Fountainhead” writer Rand, AYN; 60. New Deal inits., TVA; 61. “To life!”, L’CHAIM; 64. So-called “Giant Brain” of 1946, ENIAC; 67. Bit of crochet work, DOILY; 68. Détentes, THAWS; 69. “HONI soit qui mai y pense” (old motto); 70. “Put IT IN writing!”; 71. English archer’s weapon, WAR BOW; 74. Rapper with the 6x platinum album “2001”, DR DRE; 76. Taj Mahal city, AGRA; 77. Spaced out, IN A FOG; 78. Fits one inside another, NESTS; 79. Unctuous, OILY; 80. Kind of code, GENETIC; 81. Shade of green, AVOCADO; 82. Cancels, REVOKES; 83. The way things stand, AS IT IS; 88. Everything, THE LOT; 89. Nicks on a record?, STEVIE; 90. Sign of stress, ACCENT; 91. Farmer’s to-do list, CHORES; 93. Moral FIBER; 94. Renaissance FAIRE (historical reenactment); 95. “No more for me, thanks”, I’M SET; 96. Takes a shine to, LIKES; 97. Many people in People, IDOLS; 98. “Cheerio!”, TATA; 100. Carp family fish, CHUB; 103. “Mangia!”, EAT, 104. New Deal inits., WPA; 106. Any of the Marquises, par exemple, ILE; 107. Child-care writer LeShan, EDA.


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