07.26.10 — CO2

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) , Global Warming photo by Lester Brown

"Look at me, I'm as helpless as a kitten up a tree,
And I feel like I'm clinging to a cloud, I can't understand,
I get misty…"


Monday, July 26, 2010

Puzzle by Janet Bender, edited by Will Shortz

CO twice as in CO2 or COCO in four entries, CONTRA COSTA, COMPUTER CODE, COURTENEY COX and COMMON COLDS, constitutes the interrelated group of this mild-mannered Monday crossword.

Other — BIG MAC, CENTRUM (2D. Vitamin brand promoted as “Complete from A to Zinc”), DECAMP, ERASER, ISSUES, OGLERS, ON RECORD, REDCOAT, RETIREE, SHINTO, SHORTCUT, ST CROIX, TRACTS, YAHOOS (45D. Brutes in “Gulliver’s Travels”).


Short stuff — AIR, ASK, AVA, BAJA, BRET, BTUS, COM, DAM, DART, ENOS, ESSO (31A. Old U.S. gas brand), ETAS and ETAT, ETS, GAWK, GOTO, IKE, ISEE, IVES, JEW, LED, LUAU, MAS, MBA, MENU, ODIN, ONE, OPEC (32D. Source of some of the oil for 31-Down), OUI, PAT, PADS, RDAS, REG (41A. Lowest-priced gas grade: Abbr.), SHOT, SMOG (54D. Pollution that may sting the eyes), SUE, TED, URDU, USA, ZIP and ZULU.


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Musical pace; 6. Tractor maker John; 11. Do (up), as a fly; 14. Bird-related; 15. Opposite of exit; 16. ___ Today (newspaper), 17. County ENE of San Francisco; 19. Was ahead; 20. ___ & Tina Turner Revue; 21. Greek H’’s; 22. Debate topics; Hall-of-Famer Williams; 25. End of many U.R.L.’s; 26. ___ Easton Ellis, author of “American Psycho”; 27. What a programmer writes; 32. They get an eyeful; 35. Take to court; 36. Nutritionists’ nos.; 38. “No ___!” (“Uncle!,” in Spanish); 39. Evenings in Paris; 40. Coup d’___; 42. Japanese religion; 43. Monica player on “Friends”; 46. Language in Lahore; 47. Broadcast; 48. China’s Three Gorges project; 51. Alternative to a Quarter Pounder; 54. Photographed; 55. “Yes, madame”; 56. Palindromic girl’s name; 57. Winter afflictions; 60. Observer of Yom Kippur; 61. Eating pork, to an observant 60-Across; 62. Dark, as a room; 63. Pose a question; 64. Does’ companions; 65. Irascible. DOWN: 1. Implied; 2. Draw forth; 3. Extracted ore; 4. Butter serving; 5. Publicly known; 6. Leave suddenly; 7. Grandson of Adam; 8. Org. that produces college entrance exams; 9. Pensioner; 10. Blackboard accessory; 11. Native of eastern South Africa; 12. “Oh, right!”; 13. Goalie protectors; 18. Elementary units; 23. Largest of the Virgin Islands; 26. A/C measures; 28. Custom; 29. Chief Norse god; 30. Missile that might be tipped with curare; 33. Attend; 34. Hawaiian feast; 38. It might start with “Starters”; 39. Clever travel suggestion; 41. British soldier in the American Revolution; 42. Offspring; 44. Political pamphlets; 48. Ken and Barbie; 49. Cheating bookkeeper’s fear; 51. Lower California, for short; 52. Burl who won an Oscar for “The Big Country”; 53. Get an eyeful; 58. Deg. From Wharton; 59. Last number in a countdown.

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